Things Change Fast

Most people think of this notion in terms of loss, unexpected hardships or wake up calls.
Things change fast can also be thought in terms of goodness coming your way, joy filling your heart and dreams coming true.
Remind yourself good things can come to you as fast and unexpected as the bad things. 

Over the weekend, I was packing up holiday orders for my lavender farm and started thinking about how many wonderful people, stories and experiences have occurred the first two seasons we were open.  I chose to focus on all the goodness that came so fast instead of mourning a summer of being closed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

I put together a video  to remember the good in just two short years.  We have hosted women’s retreats, wreathmaking, marriage proposals, strategic planning, staff wellness retreats, photo shoots, u cut lavender and sunflowers with visitors from all over the country, butterfly workshop, artists, yoga, meditations, a wedding, baby showers and a farm blessing from the Buddhist monks visiting from India.

Big Roots Farm 2018-2019

Join me December 12th at 10 am central for WRAPPING UP 2020! In the best way possible.

To all of the good, may we always notice it.


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