Reset Your Joy Barometer

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What are we waiting for?

Several people have come into my life lately that have prompted me to pose this question once again.

In my book, Be Amazing: Tools for Living Inspired, and during my speaking engagements I tell the story of “Don’t Postpone Joy”. A story that illustrates the importance of living for today.

Today is your day.  Stop limiting the possibilities. Stop obsessing over stuff that doesn’t matter.  Stop waiting for the perfect time. Begin to treat yourself.  Start looking for joy and you will have more to give.

Here are few examples that have inspired me to reset my Joy Barometer:

  1. Free yourself up.

We had a few guests over, I was in conversation about how our drinking glasses were always breaking.  Our guest said she wishes her glasses would break so she could get new ones.  I asked why she needs to wait till they break.  There was no reason.  She wasn’t aiming toward an extravagant purchase outside of her budget.  She just wasn’t considering freeing herself up to get something new even if it wasn’t ‘needed’.  Sometimes it is a good idea to do something new even if isn’t required or needed.  Small actions, like buying new drinking glasses, can open your thoughts to the new possibilities.  Free yourself up, it is necessary.

  1. Treat yourself.

The same person used our restroom and asked about the soap in the bathroom because it was so nice.  I said it was just from a discount retail store and that I bought the soap because it was in glass bottles and smelled lovely.  She then talked about how she liked a certain soap and that she needs to go buy some when her current soap is out.  I suggested not to wait.  The soap she loved and enjoyed was just a dollar or two more.  Go buy the soap you enjoy.  A dollar or two won’t matter in the long run but how you treat yourself will.

  1. Enjoy and Move On.

Another visitor shared how she loves a certain type of jelly beans and she can’t help but eat all of her favorite color ones and then think about the other ones and end up eating all of them.  It seemed to be one of the main aspects of her day.  I hear stuff like this all of the time.  We get distracted by food, media, or other people and then our focus goes on things that don’t necessarily add joy to our lives. What about buying the jelly beans, enjoying them and then letting it go?  Better yet, how about finding ways to contribute that are so meaningful and full of passion that minor distractions don’t exist anymore.  Enjoy the jelly beans and move on.

  1. Take the trip.

So many people I talk with are waiting for retirement to see things they have dreamt a lifetime to see.  Seriously, why not now?  Save up.  Reprioritize. Increase your revenue.  Go see what you dream about seeing.  Meet more people of different ways of life. You will have more joy.  Don’t wait till your health is compromised or time is limited to explore and expand your perspective.

  1. Say it.

Recently, a beloved coach and educator passed away in a community that we used to live in.  He was a great guy.  He had an outstanding farewell and tribute, all of which was well deserved and quite beautiful. But I couldn’t help thinking if he was ever told the magnitude of his impact.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, his passing and the farewell reminded me to make sure people know their impact.  I am recommitted to telling people thank you, acknowledging their contributions and personal impact.  We don’t have to wait for someone to die unexpectedly to realize their impact.  Spread joy with appreciation.

  1. You are  worthy.

So many people are waiting to be the perfect weight before doing something they want.  Stop already.  Your weight shouldn’t determine your worthiness of experiences and joy.  It is like shooting yourself with the second arrow as Buddhist refer to.  There is no perfect time or perfect weight. You are worthy.  The time is now.


Trust yourself.  Free yourself up. Reset your joy barometer. You know your budget, you know what is healthy and not healthy.

Let’s start believing in ourselves, treating ourselves, and trusting ourselves.  Let’s open ourselves to possibilities.  This approach won’t lead us to fiscal despair, gluttony or being out of control; it will free us up for some joy and flow of good energy.  It is the obsession, self imposed deprivation and limitations, and control that messes with our joy barometer.

Boundaries are good and helpful; what matters is what we do within those boundaries.  The goal should be to create as much joy, possibility, passion and love as possible.  The boundaries should help us not hinder us.

Make your Joy Barometer a daily priority.  Joy is a choice!

We are meant to live joyously and abundantly and sometimes we forget.  Get out of your own way.

Joyfully, Erin

Inspirational Author and Speaker

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Passing Time


images-4On a recent flight, I watched a movie called Mr. Church (2016) starring Eddie Murphy based on a true story of friendship.  The reviews are mixed but I enjoyed it.

At one point in the movie one of main characters talks about Mr. Church…his life was how he passed time in between serving others.  He cooked, painted, gardened and played the piano.  I don’t have this citation exact but this isn’t really about the movie; it is about asking ourselves how we are passing time.

Are we working too much?  Have we forgotten how to pass time with beauty and grace?

Are we rushing, waiting for the next vacation or the unlikely windfall of money?

Are we worried and stressed about things we have no control over?

Can we learn to be present; enjoying activities and contributions in new ways?

Are we living in the moment or looking for continual distraction in social media, trash television, and the news?

This movie prompted me to really reflect on a few things in my own life:

How am I serving others on a daily basis?

How do I pass time?

Are there new ways I can enjoy in the between time more?  What interests have I not discovered?  What contributions have I not made?

I hope you will ask the same questions of yourself.  After all, our legacy will be our service and how we used the time in between.

Inspired, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author

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Everything to Gain


For those of you who have attended my workshops or who know me; know that I am firm believer in writing out your ‘picture perfect’ life and making a visual representation of your vision.  I use a vision board.  I have been making one a year for about the last six years.  My family started making them, too. We all started thinking bigger and being more open to possibilities.

Yesterday, my husband was cleaning out his closet as we prepare to move to the country to start a lavender farm.  He found his first vision board he made about five years ago.  He texted me a picture and noted that he had completely forgotten that he had a lathe on it, let alone this particular one.  He now has that lathe since starting his cue making business over the summer.  We were thrilled to see the Universe conspiring in his favor in such a tangible way.  While it is only a material possession it is a manifestation of seeds he planted years ago and forgot about.

You can make anything you want out of this but we choose gratitude and excitement.  We are planting seeds of abundance and joy and celebrating when they bloom.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting a big vision for your life.

Focus on what you want.  Focus on how you can serve.   Be a light shining bright.

Go make a vison board to start 2017 with excitement and possibility.

Go big.

If you want some help creating your vision my book and workbook have lots of Tools to help you.


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Don’t Trade One Problem for Another


It seems obvious but it is actually an insidious pattern that we need to be aware of if we want to live a life of great contribution.

Trading one problem for another often looks like this:

Quitting smoking then eating more. 

Leaving a bad marriage then starting a new bad relationship.

Resigning from a job just to start a new job that brings more problems.  

Withdrawing from a friendship because you are annoyed just to spend time with other friends you also find annoying.

There are times we need to to leave, withdraw, resign and quit.  For sure we do and probably should more often.  BUT what we need to be careful of is running away from something instead of TO something.



Get a clear vision of what you want.

Learn what your greatest contributions can be.

Prepare for challenges.


Running to something often looks like this:

Quit smoking. Start exercising.  Clear mind and healthy body.

Choosing to leave a bad marriage to find your power and strength.  Once you find it, prince charming comes along or you choose not to be in a relationship.

Reframe friendships or limit time with friends that aren’t aligned with what you want.  Friendships improve and space is made in your life for the right people.

Focus on what you want your job to be with the intention of service. Dream job offer comes.


Stop shifting your life situations from mediocrity to mediocrity.  Rather, go big.  Dream. Take action.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR and chart your course.

Work towards something.  Move toward your biggest dreams.  No more running away.

You have what you need inside of you; get out of your own way.  Make a path for abundant and joyful living.

Not sure where to begin?  Use the Living Inspired Tools in my book and workbook. You will certainly start charting a bold new course for your life.

Want to go really big and create a platform in your life to connect with others about your dreams, fears, action steps and challenges?  Start a POW WOW.

Let’s get ready to go big in 2017!

Love, Erin

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Don’t Get Paralyzed


It is ok to be scared. I keep reminding myself this as my family and I embark on a new way of life. We have made big decisions about selling our home, starting a lavender farm, commuting to airports and my husband’s work.

One minute I am so excited I can hardly wait and the next minute I am petrified and panicked! This is all part of the process of practicing courage.

If you want something different you have to do something different. If you want to pursue your greatest dreams and biggest contributions you need to BUST THROUGH THE FEAR BARRIER.

I think where people get confused and paralyzed is when the fear rises strong and then we back down. When the fear rises strong is the time to keep going with courage!

When you see people who inspire you; who are living boldly and making their greatest contributions don’t forget that that they were probably scared but acted anyway.  Don’t get paralyzed.

Go towards what you want, Erin

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Follow the Nudge

15109459_1870846103149673_6224918924406637721_nMy friend and I were talking this past week while traveling for work about what she wants, about me starting the lavender farm and all of the exciting things that can be at our finger tips if we learn to pay attention to signs and to our internal inklings.

I am in process of writing a book titled Follow the Nudge. I have been thinking about it a lot. When we walked a labyrinth together several new exciting ideas came to me. I was sharing my experience with my friend.
The next morning, she was on her way to work and a car with a license plate that said NUDGE was right in front of her!
She is pursuing a promotion, starting a POW WOW and thinking about what she wants…
Pay attention. Be open. Listen to what your intuition is telling you. When you feel the nudge take action.
Following my nudges,  Erin
Inspirational Speaker and Author
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Two Kinds of Magic

halloween2I have read several articles recently that distinguish between happiness and meaning.  The overall conclusion is that when we focus on meaning, purpose and contribution we will be happier.  When we only focus on our own happiness is when we fall down the rabbit hole of never ending want and take. This conclusion can be applied to all of the ill wills of the world; unhealthy relationships, unhappy people, war, politics and even poor health.

One of the Living Inspired Choices in my book, Be Amazing Tools for Living Inspired, is to Embrace Self Consideration.  This may seem contradictory to the notion of giving and purpose but in fact I think it is where we get confused.  Many of us begin to think that we need to be selfless, putting our wants and desires on the back burner of our life.  The truth is when we consider of ourselves we are able to to give more and put energy toward our contributions.  If we are living a life of meaning and purpose it doesn’t mean, we shouldn’t or can’t consider ourselves.  We need to fill up so we have more to give.

My granddaughter is two.  Yesterday was Halloween.

When she set out to go trick or treating with her mom, dad and baby sister it was an adventure. My son said she was slow going at the first few houses but once she realized that she could knock and get candy she was all in.  She walked several more blocks than we ever thought she would. My daughter in law said my granddaughter always only took one piece of candy; never taking more than her share but freely and lightheartedly filling up her bag.

She experienced the magic: knock and receive.halloween4

When she returned from her big adventure she started helping me pass out candy.  She would take one piece put it in the bag of a trick or treater, say a few indistinguishable words, probably something like ‘trick or treat’, ‘Happy Halloween’, ‘I have one for you’, ‘bye’… She worked hard and long running up to people on our walkway, back to me to get another piece while bopping around in her beautiful dress.  She seemed to be having more fun giving the candy than getting the candy. halloween2016

She experienced the best kind of magic: giving.

We need to practice knocking and receiving. Being willing to accept and understand we are worthy.  Not taking more than our share but not dismissing the joy of receiving. It takes courage to freely accept what is given to us.

We need to fill up our candy bags so we can freely fill others. Magic happens in win-wins.  Magic happens with enthusiasm and lightheartedness.  Giving and receiving doesn’t have to be hard; let it flow.

Let’s try to be more like a two-year-old on Halloween.  Let your light shine bright to lihalloween3ght the way for others!

With a full heart,


Inspirational Speaker and Author
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Hope and Second Chances

sennmicrophoneI had the honor of doing a workshop for 250 Head Start professionals.  We spent the morning together.  When they were welcomed to the event by their Director she invited people to share their stories at the lunch break about Head start, their work and or any story they wanted to share.  I thought this was such a lovely gesture and a great platform to give others the opportunity to share and to be heard.

I heard several people talk and was completely moved.

One teacher talked about how he suffers from depression and how grateful he was to be returning to work with people he cares about and to do a job he loves.

A single mom talked about how she was a Head Start parent, then invited to work as a bus assistant and now has moved up to teacher assistant.  She talked about how Head Start had given her hope and opportunities she would not have had otherwise.

Another person stood up and thanked her now colleague and friend for coming to the country to pick her up and enroll her children when she didn’t have money for gas or food.  She is now a teacher but her journey started as a parent policy advisor.  She said how Head Start has been by her side when she was homeless and now she was preparing to buy her first house.

Another gentleman stood up sharing that he was a two -time felon, recovering meth addict and alcoholic and the people at Head Start gave him and his son a second chance.  He choked up and thanked a few specific people. He is doing the right thing now and Head Start helped him stay on the right path.

This is what America is about.  These people could be anyone of us.  We need to help each other, believe in each other, raise each other up for ourselves and most importantly for our children.  When we thrive our children thrive.

Way to go Head Start.  These outcomes are immeasurable and invaluable to the future of our country.

Everybody has a story.  Listen up.

With hope, Erin

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Don’t Let Fear Win


Psssst…. Everyone is Scared.

We all fear failure, rejection, and our own greatness.

It is the people who BUST THROUGH THE FEAR BARRIER that will shine the brightest.

Be brave.  Don’t let fear win.

You are intended live joyously and abundantly.

Practice Courage…you will never regret it.


Love, Erin


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Bold Generosity

Generosity comes in many forms.  It can come from a monetary gift, a material gift, your presence, a kind word, or an offering of encouragement.  All of which are lovely to give and to receive.

Lately I have been thinking about BOLD Generosity.  The most powerful generosity; the kind we need to dig deep to give; the kind of generosity that changes you and empowers others.

I was part of a day where a group of POW WOWs (power of women working on wonderful) came together.

One of the members of this POW WOW, Barb, has spent a significant amount of time and effort in studying to become certified to minister in her church. She was invited to preach for her pastor.  For her, this was a tremendously humbling opportunity and invited us (the 5 other POW WOWs) to come to the service.  For me it was an illustration of Bold Generosity.

Beautiful moments of Bold Generosity from my perspective:

  1. Not only did Barb deliver a beautiful sermon about love, she also provided an opportunity for us to make time on a Sunday away from our families and weekly tasks to come together to support another woman in her courageous act. She committed and we committed.

Bold generosity brings people together in new ways.

  1. Each POW WOW had a Living Inspired Flower pin but we never discussed wearing them. Every single one of us showed up with the pin on.  A visual, heart felt unifying factor; we were living the power of women working on wonderful.

Bold generosity is a catalyst for powerful, meaningful connection.


  1. We sat in a pew and filled it up. I felt like Barb had an army with her.  I cried because the camaraderie I felt moved my spirit. Many people in the congregation were curious about a pew full of newcomers; we were proud to say why we were there.  To support Barb.  At the end of the sermon, Barb asked everyone to write something they give on a post it and share it with another member in the congregation.  I wrote down the POW WOW movement.  The woman I gave my post it to looked at me with tears in her eyes after she read it and told me it was an honor.

Bold Generosity is influential and inspiring.

  1. All of our religious beliefs are not same; but our spiritual commitment to our womanhood is.

Bold Generosity promotes connections.

  1. I watched Barb sit in quiet solitude on the altar as people arrived. I knew it took effort for her to do this.  I admired her courage.  I was inspired by her commitment to her faith and her own personal growth.

Bold Generosity is commitment.


  1. One of the prayers in the program called The Corporate Prayer, included, “O God, release us from our fears and failures to trust your love and live with bold generosity.”

Bold generosity is practicing courage and trust to empower you to use your most powerful gifts. Bold generosity empowers others to find their greatest contributions while you are doing the same.

  1. There were many more beautiful moments that day as we continued on to have brunch together and to toast Barb. We walked a labyrinth, we took in fresh air and set time aside to celebrate each other and ourselves.

Bold generosity is when you are putting forth effort, pushing yourself to live bigger.

The POW WOWs: Vanessa, Deena, Erin, Barb, Leah and Connie.            New Harmony, IN


Think about the last time you showed up for someone and deeply celebrated in your heart their effort and boldness.

Think about the last time you did something that was really hard; a time when you committed and you stayed true to your spirit.

Bold generosity is busting through the fear barrier to live in your authenticity.

Bold generosity is love.

If we didn’t show up and commit to being POW WOWs these beautiful moments wouldn’t be a part of our lives.  If Barb didn’t preach on this Sunday we wouldn’t have had this beautiful day.  Open your heart, open your mind, put forth effort, commit and your life and your level of joy will expand.

Not Playing Small and Working on Wonderful, Erin

P.S. If you are interested in more authentic friendships that will encourage you and support you in living a boldly generous life visit and read about the POW WOWs.  It is super simple to start one; just pick a few open minded women and begin meeting monthly.  The Be Amazing Workbook outlines everything you can do to get started for a year.