Peeling a Carrot Helped Me Turn a Page

If we aren’t aware of where we are and how we are living, we can hang on to ways of being that served us well at one time but may not be the best now.
During the busy years of building my career and raising four kids I needed fast, affordable, and simple in almost every area of my life, especially in the kitchen.
Recently, my husband and I became empty nesters.  The first thing we did was clean out the refrigerator.  Then came cooking too much food that was fast and easy…then throwing it out.  Then came the recurring food rut.
My son suggested we try one of those food delivery services.  It seemed like a good thing especially since I am a vegetarian and they offer many meals I would not know how or think to prepare.
The first box arrived.  Three preselected meals for two.  I opened the bag to find vegetables, seasoning packets and boxes.  I immediately became annoyed that it wasn’t prepared.  Really?  How appalling I may have to cook.  LOL!

Then I asked myself, why wouldn’t I want to take the time to cook?
I was peeling a carrot for the first time in probably 30 years.  A real rugged carrot, not a mini peeled carrot in a plastic bag.  It felt good.

I realized I was disconnected and stuck in a previous chapter.

Fast, affordable and simple served me well for a long time but I don’t need them now.

What things are you letting linger in your current chapter?

My new one is creative, intentional, and slow. 

I am going to peel the carrot. Use the pretty napkin.  Let the savory smells fill my house.  Stand next to husband as we navigate what we think are complicated recipe instructions.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in things that no longer serve you.
Turning the Page, Erin
P.S. Are you In a life rut?  Join me Saturday Morning here.

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