I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Within 24 hours I received two almost identical messages.

Message 1:

You led me to this!!
Just ask for it. 

Message 2:

My vision board. My very first vision board ever! I stuck this car picture almost completely under the words because in my mind it wasn’t even a possibility. However, the next image you see is me driving home in the car from the vision board this past Friday. I am 43 and this is the first car I have ever purchased. Because my husband deals in used cars I just always drove whatever he hadn’t sold at the moment. He decided it was time I got to pick out something for me. This is such a small visual representation of the ginormous changes inside and out from the trainings with you. You Make a Difference! I just had to say thank you.
Forever grateful! You changed my life Erin Ramsey!

We all know this is bigger than cars and vision boards; it is about opening yourself up to possibilities.
It is about embracing your worthiness.
It is about learning to stop playing small.
You are intended to live joyously and abundantly.
It takes courage to be open minded and open hearted with yourself.  When you do this you have more to give others.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that these messages came as I began production on the upcoming Courage Challenge.  A clear reminder to me that the tools I am sharing WORK! 

The energy, the faith, the courage and growth are priceless and SUPER FUN. 

Bust a move and join me.  See you May 1st!

Seeing the Ocean for the First Time

April 2021

My dog, Honey, is a lavender farm dog.  This means she has a doggie door; she is free to be about the land. It also means that her environment is very quiet.  No traffic.  No leashes. No crowds.

I decided to take her to Florida with us.  I love the ocean.  She loves the water (pond, puddles).

We had a few family votes if Honey would like the beach because she is timid and was on sensory overload being on the road trip at crowded rest stops, so it was a mix. 
Some voted ‘Afraid’.
Some voted ‘Love it’.
When Honey and I arrived at the beach on a quiet early morning she stared at the water.
She was curious.
She backed up as each new wave approached.
She was uncertain.
She sniffed and looked around.
Her senses were overloaded.
It ended up that Honey and I didn’t get more time at the beach for her to create a ‘new normal’ experience with the water, but I wonder if we did what would have happened. 
Would she be fetching her ball in the waves? 
Would she be brave and acclimated enough to relax and experience this new adventure with confidence?
Ok, I know, I am super attached to my Honey.  But really, think about her experience and compare it to some of your experiences. 
When do you get curious? 
When was the last time you were a little apprehensive but interested?
Did you back away?
Did you give yourself time to create a new normal?
Are you often on overload so new things become overwhelming and prevent you from following your curiosity?
This process of curiosity and uncertainty can result in awe inspiring living.  Your experiences, relationships, thoughts, hobbies, beliefs, pretty much anything can be impacted.
It also can, more times than not, result in fear-based living if you let yourself continually back away.
What are you allowing yourself to see for the first time?
If you are ready to give yourself space and time to be curious about the unlimited possibilities…
If you are ready to create a more exciting, vibrant new normal for your life…
If you are ready to overcome backing away from living a life of your dreams…
Join me May 1st for the Courage Challenge. 
No worries, your challenge will be private (unless you decide to inspire others).  You don’t even have to show up for a workshop, meeting or turn in assignments.  All you have to do is make a commitment to yourself.  I will send you 14 challenges via email with an assignment/worksheet, video message, tools, and inspiration.
You have nothing to lose to begin thinking bigger about your next chapter.
Give yourself a bit of time and I will help you get curious and forge ahead into a new adventure.
See you May 1st!
Cast a ‘Love it’ vote for yourself.
Let’s dive in together!


A Story About Pens

Practicing Abundance

I love pens that feel good and write perfectly.  When I have the right pen, my penmanship is better, and I write more.  I make better lists; I record more ideas and I document more beautiful moments.

One of my favorite pens is from Hilton hotels.  I usually have them readily available. I started to get worried about where they were and when I would ever get another one now that I am not travelling and haven’t for a solid year next month. 

I started my new journal with a Hilton pen and I want the ink to be same throughout the year.  I didn’t know how this could happen.

I was in a scarcity mindset.

Not enough.  Going to run out. 

Then I had a thought…maybe I can find some on online. 

Yup, turns out other people love these pens, too.

Then I realized I could order a 100 of them and personalize them for just a bit more than I spend on pens throughout the year (was really into G2s this past year and of course smelly markers).

An abundant mindset prevailed.

I found more options than I could have imagined.  Colors, personalization, quick delivery…

I love white…now I have white and gold pens with Make IT Happen (my closing story in my book, Be Amazing and at many workshops) and my website on them!  That is what you call abundance.

More than enough. Options.

Ok, I know they are only pens but in the bigger picture of things it is a clear reminder for myself and I hope for you that we can choose abundance way more often than we do. 

It is about possibilities!  It is about welcoming all the goodness then sharing it.

Do something that makes you feel abundant. 

Make some choices that open you to the possibilities.

You are worthy of the pen you like and so much more friends.

With joyful vigor, Erin

If you want a chance to win one of these beautifully abundant pens head over to Facebook and/or Instagram and put a comment in the pen post!  I will draw lucky winners on Friday, January 15th.

#1 Way to be Happy

Forget about huge new year resolutions.

Toss out guilt, release sadness and regret of not doing what you thought you would do in 2020.

The #1 way to be happy is to Be in the Everyday Magic.

The challenges are prevalent, but the solutions are right in front of us.

Join me this Saturday morning to bring more presence, appreciation, excitement, and action to your life.

It will be live so you can ask questions and share ideas. Or you can just sit back and go through the workshop quietly. Your choice because this is your year.

You get to decide how happy you will be.
I will take you through the tools for this one.

You get decide what your purpose is.
I will share a process to help you get clarity.

You get to decide which dreams, goals and actions you want to clear the way for.
I will offer many options on how to manage your thoughts and how to take action in ways that align with what you want and are for the highest good of all.

Come clear the way with me for everything that is waiting for you.

Friday at noon central  is the deadline to sign up. Invite someone you trust to sign up, too. Having a friend on the journey of discovery makes it super fun.
Sign Up Here: http://erinramsey.com/product/2021/

5 Ways to Welcome the New Year

Wow, 2020 is almost over.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in 2020.

Here are the common things that make us stuck:

  • Not knowing where to start or what to do.
  • Fear. Self-Doubt.
  • Living on automatic, letting time slip away.
  • Negative and unhealthy thought patterns.
  • Dragging old, boring exhausting ‘baggage’ with you year after year.
  • Surrounded by naysayers and Debbie downers.
  • Lack of tools and a plan.

5 Ways to Welcome the New Year!

  1. Create a starting point.

When we want something new or when we are at crossroads it is essential that we give ourselves the time and space to think and get clear on next steps.

  1. Generate ideas to know what you really want.

Making the time to think about and courageously determine what we really want is life altering. With tools and encouragement, you may discover dreams you do not even know you have!

  1. Get inspired.

To be around people who have an optimistic attitude, high threshold for joy and are taking action to live a life of fun and contribution is imperative but not always easy to find.  Inspiration is priceless.

  1. Learn the tools to use and plan for action.

Even when we have resolve to do something if we do not have the tools and plan it will be most challenging. Easy to use tools with big results is what we need to take action.

  1. Develop clarity and purpose.

Many people spend more time on deciding which car to buy or even what to cook for the week than they do their lives. A sense of purpose and a personal commitment to living intentionally is the ultimate empowerment.

Sounds good. Now what?

I want to share my tried-and-true tools that transformed my life from a workaholic, grumpy mom in a failing marriage and broke to the life I am living now.  An author, speaker, lavender farmer and so much more! 

I am not joking, if I can do it, so can you.  I am here to help you.

Every year I meet with my friends and I host a women’s retreat at my lavender farm to go through the tools, to celebrate and to help each other be accountable.   

Well, these gatherings are not possible this year.

The GREAT NEWS is that I can connect with more of you and expand the circle of support and joy.

Join me on January 2nd for The Road Ahead: Creating Purpose, Clarity and Courage.

Give yourself an inspiring and useful experience that could change the trajectory of your life.

What you will receive:

  • WRAPPING UP 2020 Worksheets (and things to do to prep for January 2)
  • Live workshop with me where you can ask questions and share ideas or just sit back and enjoy the journey
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • Inspiration, for sure!

The workshop will include:

  • Identifying Your Roadblocks
  • Creating a Personal Purpose Statement
  • Dreaming Up a Big Vision
  • WORTHY Goals


You are worthy.

Be brave. 

See you in the NEW YEAR!!!!


You will be invited to a follow up gathering a few weeks later to hear and share progress!

Things Change Fast

Most people think of this notion in terms of loss, unexpected hardships or wake up calls.
Things change fast can also be thought in terms of goodness coming your way, joy filling your heart and dreams coming true.
Remind yourself good things can come to you as fast and unexpected as the bad things. 

Over the weekend, I was packing up holiday orders for my lavender farm and started thinking about how many wonderful people, stories and experiences have occurred the first two seasons we were open.  I chose to focus on all the goodness that came so fast instead of mourning a summer of being closed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

I put together a video  to remember the good in just two short years.  We have hosted women’s retreats, wreathmaking, marriage proposals, strategic planning, staff wellness retreats, photo shoots, u cut lavender and sunflowers with visitors from all over the country, butterfly workshop, artists, yoga, meditations, a wedding, baby showers and a farm blessing from the Buddhist monks visiting from India.

Big Roots Farm 2018-2019

Join me December 12th at 10 am central for WRAPPING UP 2020! In the best way possible.

To all of the good, may we always notice it.


Peeling a Carrot Helped Me Turn a Page

If we aren’t aware of where we are and how we are living, we can hang on to ways of being that served us well at one time but may not be the best now.
During the busy years of building my career and raising four kids I needed fast, affordable, and simple in almost every area of my life, especially in the kitchen.
Recently, my husband and I became empty nesters.  The first thing we did was clean out the refrigerator.  Then came cooking too much food that was fast and easy…then throwing it out.  Then came the recurring food rut.
My son suggested we try one of those food delivery services.  It seemed like a good thing especially since I am a vegetarian and they offer many meals I would not know how or think to prepare.
The first box arrived.  Three preselected meals for two.  I opened the bag to find vegetables, seasoning packets and boxes.  I immediately became annoyed that it wasn’t prepared.  Really?  How appalling I may have to cook.  LOL!

Then I asked myself, why wouldn’t I want to take the time to cook?
I was peeling a carrot for the first time in probably 30 years.  A real rugged carrot, not a mini peeled carrot in a plastic bag.  It felt good.

I realized I was disconnected and stuck in a previous chapter.

Fast, affordable and simple served me well for a long time but I don’t need them now.

What things are you letting linger in your current chapter?

My new one is creative, intentional, and slow. 

I am going to peel the carrot. Use the pretty napkin.  Let the savory smells fill my house.  Stand next to husband as we navigate what we think are complicated recipe instructions.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in things that no longer serve you.
Turning the Page, Erin
P.S. Are you In a life rut?  Join me Saturday Morning here.

Everything is a Process

Everything is a process.

Change is an opportunity.

Change hit me hard when I ran across this picture of an event where I was the keynote speaker, which wasn’t taken that long ago. It felt like a faraway reality. Who could have ever imagined that a room full of people would appear odd?


Now my work is all done from home.


One year I flew on 99 airplanes and now I don’t have any idea when I will fly again.

The current reality is drastically different. I am different.  I bet you are, too.

I hear people share they have slowed down.

Parents report they have spent more time with their kids than they ever have in the past.

Work and life have come together (if you work from home).  Workplaces are seeing people as more whole because you are in their living rooms, hearing their dogs bark and their family members pass by the screens.

More people are gardening and growing food.

It is amazing to me how adaptable we can be.

We can pivot.

We can change.

We can grow.

One of my favorite things during this time is the amount of snail mail I have received. Snail mail is a consideration, an effort beyond a text or email.

I have written many notes and mailed them. It is fun! In fact, I created these cards to send out for people to giveaway.  You can put it on your desk, your bathroom mirror or in your wallet.  Don’t Postpone Joy, even when things are hard. What are you waiting for?


So, while things are hard, and many people are suffering it is important to step back and acknowledge our strength and our adaptability.

What are you leaving behind?

What are you now creating?

Keep growing. Don’t let yourself get stuck.

You are in process.  I am in process.  Situations are in process.

I am wishing you bright days ahead.


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The Flowering Teapot

My dear friend, Barb, recently passed way after a three-year battle with lung cancer.

One day, before the holidays in 2019, I was visiting with her and we were talking about gifts we had bought and for whom.  She shared that she bought her daughter a Flowering Teapot and showed me a photo online.  It was super cool and said I need to get one of those.  Of course, I never did.  I forgot about it.

Here is where the story gets interesting.

During COVID-19, I offered to do mini workshops by Zooming in, to spread JOY for organizations serving children and families.  I did one for a public-school district in Colorado.
A few weeks after the workshop and a few weeks after Barb passed, an Amazon box arrived.

When my daughter opened this box it was a Flowering Teapot.  I immediately became confused, like Barb sent it to me.  I may have even said “oh my gosh, Barb.”  Then I came back to reality that Barb was no longer in this world.  The Flowering Teapot was a thank you from the school district.

Of all the things to send someone.  A gorgeous Flowering Teapot.

I don’t really believe in coincidences.  I believe in serendipity.  In magic.  In many ways to connect.

Thank you, Barb.  Thank you, colleagues in Colorado.  Thank you to the powers beyond us.

This past weekend I did one of the hardest things I have ever done and spoke at Barb’s service.  I have spoken for thousands and thousands of people in all different venues but this one I could barely get through.  Grief is tough.  But so are we.

I want to be more like Barb so I am sharing my tribute to her with you.

Today, I enjoyed a cup a tea on my porch thinking of my friend.

Since Barb was the first person I walked a labyrinth with, I dedicated the labyrinth on my lavender farm, Big Roots, to her.


With gratitude, Erin

June 27, 2020

Barb was one of the special ones.

By Erin Ramsey

I met Barb years ago when she joined the Board of the organization I was running. I liked her authenticity and respectful ways immediately.

The thing I remember most, before we became close friends, was a moment with her in a hallway at French Lick during a work retreat we were hosting.  We were discussing the speaker and talking about well-being.  I told her that I didn’t know how I felt about anything.  She nodded.

I remember thinking, how odd it was for me to tell someone in a work setting something I would not normally share.

In hindsight, it makes perfect sense.

She was pure magic in making space for people.

Time and time again, I have seen people meet her for the first time and immediately connect with her and trust her.  Here is a note I received from a mutual friend’s daughter in her twenties who met Barb a few times,

Barb was one of the only voices that got through to me when I was struggling with whether to separate myself from the bad energy and people in my life.  She told me to choose kindness in a cruel world.  I have never forgotten that.  It was one conversation, but I loved her it for it.  For seeing something in me that I couldn’t see in myself.

This is one of countless stories of how Barb’s connection and caring made this world a better place.

Barb was straight forward-with a genuine softness,-a rare combination.
When she would lead with saying,

This is what I am going to say to you…

Our friends and me knew a Barb Truth Bomb was getting ready to land.  Sometimes we would laugh and sometimes we were like a deer in headlights, but we never ignored her words of wisdom and truth.
Barb’s daughter recently endearingly referred to her mom as having ferocity- yes she was fierce- with the feminine spirit and a frankness that radiated good intent and courageous honesty.  She spoke the truth in a way people were willing to listen.

She was so beautiful. I would be remiss not to mention her fabulous outfits, adorable handbags and gorgeous home-she knew how to embrace the finer things without pretention-she was classy, she was hospitable-she was a shining light by the beauty she created and the beauty she carried within.

Barb adored her family. To her children and grandchildren, I feel like I know you even if I have never met some of you because Barb shared her love of you with me every time we were together.  She was so proud of all of you-you were her world.
You were her number ones, her everything.

Barb was a social justice and equity advocate in her career and in her life.  She served people, empowered people and advocated for people.  Not some people, ALL people.  No contingencies.  She walked in her faith.  She was the real deal as a devoted Christian.  She helped people grow and heal with her inclusive heart.
Barb was one of the special ones.

She showed up for life and never stopped learning.  She was self-aware and reflective.  She was curious and willing to explore new ideas, approaches to life and perspectives.  She had integrity, a strong moral compass and boundaries but they never closed her off; she always worked to keep an open mind and an open heart.

I could tell stories for hours but instead I will summarize what I think we can carry with us as we honor Barb’s life.
Let’s make more space for others.
Let’s be courageously honest with good intent and kindness.
Let’s do things to make this world a more beautiful place.

Let’s put our families first with action and admiration.

Let’s be a voice for ALL people.
Let’s show up for life and never stop learning and growing.

I will end with this excerpt from a prayer that Barb based a sermon on in this sanctuary a few years ago that I think sums up her spirit:

“O God, release us from our fears and failures to trust your love and live with bold generosity.”

Barb was boldly generous.
Barb was one of the special ones.

You Have the POWER

You have the POWER to manage your thoughts and feelings.

It sounds easy but it takes practice.

It is necessary to train your brain.

It is one thing that will change how you live and feel.

It will move you away from depletion, mediocrity, negativity…. anything that is preventing you from living joyously and abundantly.

I don’t want to oversimplify or over generalize but I do know that if you start focusing more on what you want versus what you don’t want you will get more of what you want.

After offering numerous workshops, speeches, and coaching conversations I realize this is one thing that people underestimate the most in improving their lives.

The underestimation of focus, details, conscientiousness of our thoughts block all other efforts to live the way you really want to.

Far too many people have been taught or developed habits of focusing on the negative, so it becomes challenging to know what we really want.

Here are a few things to give you an idea on training your brain:

I don’t want to be broke anymore.  I don’t want debt.
 I am moving toward financial abundance.
Money is energy and I am open to receiving. I manage money well. Money is freedom tokens.
Think about how much money you want.  Think about how you will feel. What your life will be like and what you will do.

I need to lose of 30 pounds.  I am overweight.
My body is strong, and I honor it.  I move it often and I nourish it with healthy food and thoughts.  I have healthy routines and rituals that keep my body vibrant.
Visualize how you want your body to be.  What you will wear, what you will be doing and how you will feel.

I am sick of being so negative. I procrastinate and I keep telling myself my sad story over and over again.
The world is my oyster.  I am open and worthy to positive experiences and thoughts.  I get to decide how I feel and how I act.  I smile, laugh and talk about good things.  I am a person action because I know what I want.

You might be having thoughts like this:

Whatever Erin.  You haven’t been through what I am going through.
This is annoying. 
This won’t work for me.
I need more than just thoughts.

I get it.  I understand.  I was there too.

I am here to remind you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Thoughts are free.

It can be fun if you let it be.

Nothing changes unless we do and the first place to start is with our thoughts then followed by action.

Take care of business while you expand your thoughts.

Deal with challenges then put most of your effort in retraining your brain to focus on the good and what you want.

Challenges will always be a part of life, what we do with them and the direction we move in is our choice!

Before you know it, things that seemed impossible and even delusion will come to fruition.

Be disciplined toward joy and abundance.

Trust me, this city girl lives on lavender farm in rural Kentucky…never in my wildest dreams!
Join me on the fun way to live no matter where you are now you can begin to discover dreams you don’t even know you have.

Your thoughts and words are magical, start using them to your benefit.
Everyone around you will win!

Think big and think good, Erin

Do you feel like you need more support, inspiration and tools to clear the way for joy and abundance?  Join me for my new six-part online course called JUMP START JOY.  The launch will be in late March!  Only $99.  You will have the course forever along with so many other benefits. Watch for an invite!

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