The Big Door Moment

doorThe true foundation of authenticity is trusting yourself.

I recently had a weird experience where I was shocked to meet someone in person after reading her writings and appreciating the purpose of her work.  I was surprised because the way she was acting didn’t seem to line up with what was in her heart.

It was a Big Door Moment for her.  A Big Door Moment is when what has been worked for has arrived.

I write about this mismatch between behavior and heart without judgment because I know how much courage is required to walk through doors. I also refrain from judgment because it may have been my perception and not reality.  Nevertheless, it got me thinking about opportunities and how we handle them.

One of my favorite new quotes is “If the door doesn’t open then it wasn’t your door.”  I love it because it signifies total faith in everything conspiring in our favor.  We don’t need to waste time agonizing about it because we know when it is right and we are ready a bigger, better door will open.

The question I am posing now is:  How are we preparing for the Big Door Moment so we can walk through it with authenticity, grace and trust?

All of us will have Big Door Moments.  The promotion, the perfect partner, the big break, the creative idea that takes off, the goal is achieved or the experience we always wanted and worked for diligently has come to fruition.

These moments are a time to celebrate, but for many of us the feelings may be new, fear might creep in, self-doubt or overwhelm may dilute, sabotage and possibly flat out ruin our experience and the positive impact we could have on others.

You deserve to walk through your door with grace and authenticity. You are strong enough to take the step and your spirit is beautiful enough to do it in a way that best represents you.

Be prepared so your heart will shine through.  Letting your most pure intention, your driving force of purpose, your passion, your hard work and your strength shine brighter than your outfit, your words and your actions.  This is authenticity.

Let your spirit guide you.  Let humility show your confidence.  Let gratitude for those who helped you and for your ability to put forth effort be acknowledged.  Share your success in the biggest ways possible so others know it is possible for them too.

Remember the struggle, the courage and the loneliness and show others BIG doors are waiting for them too.

Prepare yourself for the Big Door opening in your everyday relationship with yourself.  Be aware of your responses, reactions, words, feelings and self-worth.

When you are scared…be brave and true to yourself.  There is no need to over react, withdraw or take on behaviors that don’t reflect your heart.  Being arrogant, yelling, bragging, pouting, speaking too loudly or talking over people, cussing profusely, negative self talk or calling people out are warning signs and defense mechanisms.

Say or think, I am scared.  I am practicing courage right now.  I am capable of getting through this.

I know who I am.  I know how to manage big feelings in ways that reflect my spirit.

I am authentic and I trust myself.  I am aware of my ego preying on my fear. 

My true spirit is stronger than my ego.

Your Big Door is waiting to open for you when you are ready.  Start getting ready.

When you have BIG feelings make concerted effort to:

Align your actions with your priorities.

Match your thoughts with your values.

Keep your heart open and practice trusting yourself.

Let the world see your beauty, your courage, your strength, your tenacity, your struggle…all of which make you so beautiful.  Don’t hide the real you, especially when it is time for celebration.

You deserve complete and total celebration!

To Big Doors opening for you and to appreciating the ones that don’t.

Kudos for even walking through the door…many won’t even go that far.

With gratitude, Erin

PS:  If you are thinking, “Really Erin, Big Doors I just want to finish the laundry and get some sleep”, I have been there. Not sure how you really feel?  Have no idea how to build courage?  Check out my book, Be Amazing, for realistic tools to start moving in the direction you want go!

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The Tool That Changed My Life

livebigSometimes a small step at the right time or a piece of information just when you are ready for it can make the biggest difference.

Not so long ago I was in a failing marriage, stressed out workaholic, rushed mother and sick.  I knew this was not how I was intended to live.

I made a decision to learn how to live differently.  I knew I was intended to live joyously and abundantly.

The tool that started it all was Picking a Word.

I remember clearly my first word nine years ago was PEACE.

I adapted this tool by finding ways for it to help me make decisions and navigate new thought patterns.

I use my word to navigate my thought patterns to focus on what I want not what I don’t want.

For example, if I am invited out to dinner but don’t really want to go.  I ask myself if this dinner will bring me more PEACE (insert your word).  If the answer is no, I don’t go.

If I have responsibilities that are not optional, I use my word.

I am going to do the laundry PEACEFULLY because I am so grateful to have a washer and dryer.

I am going to pay my bills peacefully.  I will prepare dinner with peace in my heart because I am so grateful to have food.

My annual word really becomes my compass. 

It is tangible and simple yet profound in changing thoughts and behaviors.

If it is hard for you to say NO, use your word.  When you focus on what you want it becomes easier to not do things out of guilt or habit.

If you have no clue what you really want, keep asking yourself the question.  You can try a few words till you find the one that works.

Many people choose HAPPY or JOY or PEACE…all wonderful guides but you must take the time to think about how these words feel and look like in your life otherwise what you think you want can be eluding.

Make the time this year to move in the direction of what you really want. 

Put the work in.  It takes effort to form new habits.  It takes courage to go after what you really want.

You will never regret putting forth effort and practicing courage.

Starting with a word can be the beginning of a whole new life!

My marriage is solid, my family is connected, my lavender farm inspires me, my books and workshops are hopefully helping women and I know what I want!

I would love to know your word for 2019.  Email me OR  share it on Facebook.   

With gratitude, Erin

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Your Apollo Moment



I recently crossed paths with a man who was a Cuban immigrant.  He came to the US when he was a baby. After several years he was moving to Ohio with his mom, dad and three brothers when he had a moment.  They were in the air. The pilot gets on the speaker and tells his passengers to look out the window.  He was sitting next to his Dad, which made everything more special when you have three brothers vying for attention.

When he looked out the window he saw the Apollo in the air right next to him!  He told me in that moment he knew that EVERYTHING WAS POSSIBLE.

A small child with his family fleeing for a better life now knew of all the possibilities.

His story gave me chills, goose bumps and tears…and prompted me to start thinking about possibility moments.

We may never experience such a dramatic, historical moment but we are offered moments of possibilities all of the time. The challenge is to be aware of them, to allow ourselves to feel them in our souls, to be brave enough to let them ignite our spirits and to be powerful enough to move us to action.

Think about all of your moments of possibility.

They might be:

Declaring a dream even if you are scared

Leaving an unhealthy relationship knowing you deserve better even if you don’t know how or where it could happen

Admiring people who rise up from adversity and use it to their advantage

Loving again after a terrible loss

Being vulnerable to give and receive love in the powerful ways

Working hard even when you are discouraged and exhausted

Expecting the best and giving the benefit of the doubt

Making an investment in yourself

Taking action for what you really want

Shining bright so you can help others do the same

I know, they don’t sound quite as extraordinary as seeing the Apollo take off…but going beyond our perceived limits and into the realm of the unknown possibilities is at your fingertips everyday.

Look for, remember and believe in your Apollo moment.

You are destined for greatness.  Clear the way for possibility.

Godspeed, Erin

I know we are intended to live joyously and abundantly…knowing everything is possible is the first step whether it be on the moon or anywhere.  Let’s take off together.

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It’s Never Too Late

We often hear and may even say that ‘time flies’…on my Facebook memory today popped up my Be Amazing book launch party.  No joke I thought it would say five or six years ago but it was actually only three years ago.  To think of the speeches, the people, the places, the stories of these past three years makes me think of a lifetime.  Since then I have written another book and two workbooks, started a lavender farm, a product line and so much more.  This makes me even more excited to think about the next three years. 

Where do you want to be in three years or even this time next year?
We can do so much in such a small amount of time.
On Saturday I was doing a speech in Northern Indiana.  As I walked around the room during small group time, a woman waved me over to talk with her.  She told me with tears in her eyes that she got her GED at 65 years old and then went to college!  Impressive, tenacious.  Showing us it is never too late.  While also considering the notion not to wait.
So, get going on your dreams and remember it is never too late!
With joy and abundance, Erin
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It was a few more years ago that I was a worn out workaholic, stressed out mom and checked out wife...thank goodness I started developing tools because now I get to live dreams I didn't even know I had.


Sometimes it is scary to think about our lives in bigger more fun ways.

It might be hard to get out of a rut.

The next step may allude you.

A feeling of cluelessness about your purpose may be roadblock.

Maybe you have gotten so busy, so stressed and in complete survival mode you don’t even know what you like anymore.

Don’t let yourself wake up this time next year doing and feeling the same.

Let 2019 be the year for fun, growth, abundance, joy and possibilities.

Let’s move beyond these things together with lots of fun and inspiration.

Get 2019 off to the right start!

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We are intended to live joyously and abundantly.

With love, Erin



It’s Meant for You, Too.


After the first workshop at my farm ended a participant and I were chatting.  She was talking about wanting to start her business, take better care of her body and get brave enough to get over being hurt when she let herself be vulnerable.  Tears welled up in her eyes while talking about how she has become afraid which leads to self sabotaging behavior.

I felt her pain.  I have been there.  You have probably been there, too.

We are in this together.

Everyone is afraid.


Everyone can choose to muster the strength to believe they are worthy of their dreams.

Together we can be strong enough to declare our greatest dreams, open our hearts for companionship and valiantly embrace our greatness.

We get to choose courage.

I told her I understood.  I shared how I was petrified to write my first book, scared to start the farm and even nervous to host the first workshop that day.

She paused with a sad look on her face and said, “Yeah, but it seems it was meant for you.”

When you have a dream, a nudge, a longing or an idea they become meant for you, too.

The people you see shining bright, living a life you could only imagine, they have a plethora of failures, fears and lonely moments of self doubt.  The only difference is they took action.

One action after another.  Nose to the grind stone.

The Courage Equation:

Fear + Action = Confidence

Life’s greatest outcomes are meant for YOU.

Get to it.

We can fail together, we can be scared together, we can doubt ourselves together and we can rise above together.  We are meant for joy and abundance.

Get out of your own way.

Take a step toward what you really want.

Digging Deep, Erin

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What kind of world are you creating?

lovefearlesslyTen years ago, in a diversity class in my master’s program, a professor shared this quote by Paulo Freire, “Create a world in which it is easier to love.”

I typed it up and put it in my home office.  I looked at it for years.  It helped me through boring conference calls, challenging assignments and writing my first book.

Fast forward several years and my oldest son’s girlfriend had a friend over.  This friend ended up being that professor’s daughter.  I showed her the quote in my office that was inspired by her dad’s class.

This past Saturday, we were hosting the first wedding at our farm. My daughter in law and the professor’s daughter were in the wedding party.

So ten years later, on my farm under the stars, the professor and I chatted.  I told him of the impression he made on me with the quote.

I shared how this quote has helped me keep my ego in check, my heart full of compassion and to continually clarify my purpose, all of our purposes, to CREATE A WORLD IN WHICH IT IS EASIER TO LOVE.

You may never know the impact your words and actions have on others.  Sometimes we might get lucky and have full circle moments. Most of the time we probably won’t have the chance to circle back or to share so when you get the chance to thank someone, encourage someone, share a story, pat a back or love a bit more do it.

Remember to keep asking yourself: What kind of world are you creating?

Going for it, Erin

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This summer we opened our lavender farm to visitors. I have had the chance to meet so many incredible people. I have heard their fascinating, inspiring and sad stories. I have been given the gift of making connections with others and with nature that use to only be a dream.

One quiet morning a group of herb lovers came to visit.  One of the ladies in the group started talking with me.  She mentioned how her husband won’t remember the butterflies because he has Alzheimer’s.  Then she told me that she didn’t want to dump her problems on me but that she had stage four lung cancer.  I asked her about her prognosis and we talked about some of the new treatments.

She said that she is glad to be out of bed and that her doctor told her, “Go Enjoy Your Days.”

Nothing else could be done. No more treatments.

The prescription: ENJOY YOUR DAYS.

So here she was showing me photos of her recent pressed flower project, reminiscing of all of the projects she used to do and sporting her beautiful linen shirt with lavender embroidery and even wearing a pin hold a piece of lavender.

She was enjoying her day.

She was enjoying her day with her husband even though she knew he wouldn’t remember.

She put her make up on, pressed her linen shirt, fastened her pin and came to a lavender farm.

I was humbled and inspired to meet her on my farm, doing what she loved and with whom she loved with a hopeful resolve and quiet sadness that it all may be over soon.

The fact is we are all dying. Everyone dies.

The real question is: Are we enjoying our days?

We don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to focus enjoying our days.

Here are some ways I enjoy my days:

Savor the first sip of coffee in the morning.

Listen to the birds.

Watch the clouds float by.

Play with my dogs.


Take pictures.


Sit in the sauna.

Brainstorm ideas.

Give gifts.

Hold my husband’s hand in the car.

Talk with my kids.

Snuggle my grandbabies.

Write things down in my Goodness Jar.

Walk the labyrinth.

Sit on my porch and watch the sun go down.

Cross things off my to do list with a highlighter.

Check up on friends.

Walk through my house with gratitude.

Cut flowers.

And on and on…

By thinking about what we enjoy and expressing gratitude for these things we will have more enjoyment.

Make a list and keep adding to it.

Enjoy your days, friend.

Hugs, Erin

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Be Like Bob Ross


It was the eve of a new month.  My sixteen-year old daughter and I were talking about our goals for the upcoming month.  I started sharing some new rituals I was going to introduce into my routine.  She was talking about her goals and the ideas she was generating to make them happen.  Then I said I want to be abundant and not obsessive about the things I want to do and try.

I asked her how she wanted to be in the upcoming month.

She paused and thought for a second and said, “I want to be like Bob Ross.”

I asked her how does being like Bob Ross look and feel.  She said let’s watch him.  So we watched one of his painting shows. We LOVED watching him. Our puppy, Honey, loved him too!  We were mesmerized, we smiled and laughed and even felt inspired!


If you haven’t watched him or don’t know who he is go to Youtube and pull one up; you wont be sorry.

Here are a few of our takeaways from Bob Ross:

Happy Accidents 

Letting go of mistakes or unplanned events and reframing life’s curve balls as ‘happy accidents’ can make things better!  Making mistakes means you are trying, you are doing hard things, you are out of your comfort zone, you are trying. Don’t beat yourself up. It is just a happy accident.

Visual. Then off you go.

Visualizing is an awesome tool when working toward something whether it is a big dream, a small goal, an interaction or an experience.  Visual then set yourself free!  Lighten up.  Keep it simple.

Talk to the colors.

My personal favorite is he talks to the colors like they are his friends. He says, “I will be right back”, when he goes to use a different color.  It might sound over the top but for me it was a feeling of consideration, respect and reassurance.  We should do this for everything in our lives, even colors!

His cool afro, calming voice and easy going painting tips have much to offer.

Let’s be like Bob Ross: creative, relaxed, simple and goal directed, present and considerate.

Lighten up on yourself.

Happy Trees. Happy Life.

Off I go….Erin

PS: For all the teachers reading this, play Bob Ross in your art area for your children.  They will love him and learn some techniques.  He is like the Fred Rogers of painting!

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BIG Goodness


Last year I started a new tradition of writing down beautiful moments and putting them in a jar.  I also gave out a bunch of jars to people that visited my home during the holidays. When they decided to take a jar I extended an invitation to my farm to share their jars and beautiful moments from the previous year. I am looking forward to our first annual brunch on St. Patrick’s Day!



Until this week, I had not started a new jar for 2018. I have been writing down moments and putting them in my jammed packed 2017 jar.  While I was at home improvement store the other day I saw lots of jars (I like the jars with lids) and thought I need to start a new jar for this year.  I debated on the medium jar or the large jar.  I went for the large jar.  I thought to myself, as I often do and as I often say to my kids, “GO BIG OR GO HOME.”

2017 Goodness Jar
2018 Goodness Jar! BIG GOODNESS.

Once I got the jar home I was so excited to have more room.  I wondered why I was cramming beautiful moments into a too full jar.  I was energized about all of the things that I will put it in this jar over the next 10 months…the endless possibilities for joy, for healing, for connection, for nature…for my life!

Isn’t this like life, before we know it we have it jammed packed and may have run out of room?

What can we clear away to make room for more beauty?

Like the Michelango said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

What can you carve away in order to discover something new and inspiring?

What you make room for…shows up.

What you carve away…clears the way.

What you look for…you find.

Making room & looking for BIG GOODNESS, Erin

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