Be Like Bob Ross


It was the eve of a new month.  My sixteen-year old daughter and I were talking about our goals for the upcoming month.  I started sharing some new rituals I was going to introduce into my routine.  She was talking about her goals and the ideas she was generating to make them happen.  Then I said I want to be abundant and not obsessive about the things I want to do and try.

I asked her how she wanted to be in the upcoming month.

She paused and thought for a second and said, “I want to be like Bob Ross.”

I asked her how does being like Bob Ross look and feel.  She said let’s watch him.  So we watched one of his painting shows. We LOVED watching him. Our puppy, Honey, loved him too!  We were mesmerized, we smiled and laughed and even felt inspired!


If you haven’t watched him or don’t know who he is go to Youtube and pull one up; you wont be sorry.

Here are a few of our takeaways from Bob Ross:

Happy Accidents 

Letting go of mistakes or unplanned events and reframing life’s curve balls as ‘happy accidents’ can make things better!  Making mistakes means you are trying, you are doing hard things, you are out of your comfort zone, you are trying. Don’t beat yourself up. It is just a happy accident.

Visual. Then off you go.

Visualizing is an awesome tool when working toward something whether it is a big dream, a small goal, an interaction or an experience.  Visual then set yourself free!  Lighten up.  Keep it simple.

Talk to the colors.

My personal favorite is he talks to the colors like they are his friends. He says, “I will be right back”, when he goes to use a different color.  It might sound over the top but for me it was a feeling of consideration, respect and reassurance.  We should do this for everything in our lives, even colors!

His cool afro, calming voice and easy going painting tips have much to offer.

Let’s be like Bob Ross: creative, relaxed, simple and goal directed, present and considerate.

Lighten up on yourself.

Happy Trees. Happy Life.

Off I go….Erin

PS: For all the teachers reading this, play Bob Ross in your art area for your children.  They will love him and learn some techniques.  He is like the Fred Rogers of painting!

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Passing Time


images-4On a recent flight, I watched a movie called Mr. Church (2016) starring Eddie Murphy based on a true story of friendship.  The reviews are mixed but I enjoyed it.

At one point in the movie one of main characters talks about Mr. Church…his life was how he passed time in between serving others.  He cooked, painted, gardened and played the piano.  I don’t have this citation exact but this isn’t really about the movie; it is about asking ourselves how we are passing time.

Are we working too much?  Have we forgotten how to pass time with beauty and grace?

Are we rushing, waiting for the next vacation or the unlikely windfall of money?

Are we worried and stressed about things we have no control over?

Can we learn to be present; enjoying activities and contributions in new ways?

Are we living in the moment or looking for continual distraction in social media, trash television, and the news?

This movie prompted me to really reflect on a few things in my own life:

How am I serving others on a daily basis?

How do I pass time?

Are there new ways I can enjoy in the between time more?  What interests have I not discovered?  What contributions have I not made?

I hope you will ask the same questions of yourself.  After all, our legacy will be our service and how we used the time in between.

Inspired, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author

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Everything to Gain


For those of you who have attended my workshops or who know me; know that I am firm believer in writing out your ‘picture perfect’ life and making a visual representation of your vision.  I use a vision board.  I have been making one a year for about the last six years.  My family started making them, too. We all started thinking bigger and being more open to possibilities.

Yesterday, my husband was cleaning out his closet as we prepare to move to the country to start a lavender farm.  He found his first vision board he made about five years ago.  He texted me a picture and noted that he had completely forgotten that he had a lathe on it, let alone this particular one.  He now has that lathe since starting his cue making business over the summer.  We were thrilled to see the Universe conspiring in his favor in such a tangible way.  While it is only a material possession it is a manifestation of seeds he planted years ago and forgot about.

You can make anything you want out of this but we choose gratitude and excitement.  We are planting seeds of abundance and joy and celebrating when they bloom.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting a big vision for your life.

Focus on what you want.  Focus on how you can serve.   Be a light shining bright.

Go make a vison board to start 2017 with excitement and possibility.

Go big.

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Don’t Get Paralyzed


It is ok to be scared. I keep reminding myself this as my family and I embark on a new way of life. We have made big decisions about selling our home, starting a lavender farm, commuting to airports and my husband’s work.

One minute I am so excited I can hardly wait and the next minute I am petrified and panicked! This is all part of the process of practicing courage.

If you want something different you have to do something different. If you want to pursue your greatest dreams and biggest contributions you need to BUST THROUGH THE FEAR BARRIER.

I think where people get confused and paralyzed is when the fear rises strong and then we back down. When the fear rises strong is the time to keep going with courage!

When you see people who inspire you; who are living boldly and making their greatest contributions don’t forget that that they were probably scared but acted anyway.  Don’t get paralyzed.

Go towards what you want, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author
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Be a friend to Have a Friend


As I set my intentions for this year, beyond sparkling, letting my soul shine and investing in my talents, I am setting time aside to nurture relationships with friends, family and strangers. We are all connected and need each other to learn, grow and be cared for.

This week I have had two lovely gatherings at my house (one organized by my husband and one with my fabulous POW WOWs), I have had coffee with an old friend, plan to visit another friend recovering from surgery after work today and plan to meet two friends for lunch tomorrow. I am busy, as I am sure you are. I travel, I have a demanding job, a growing business, a book underway, creating special projects, a big family and lots of pets but I plan to make time for new and old friendships in 2015 and this decision feels great!

Relationships are at the core of a joyful life; make the effort and take the time. The only excuse we have is the one we make up. People first.

Be a friend to have a friend.

Love Your Friend, Erin

Choose A Frame…Your Vision is a Treasure! Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever


Making 2015 your best year ever begins and ends with your thoughts, feelings and taking action by creating a magnificent vision.

The steps so far have included:

Step 1: Answer “Wouldn’t it be great if…? Over and over again and write down what you really want for your life.

Step 2: Make sure the vision is about YOU! Wish great things for yourself.

Step 3: Choose a Frame… Your Vision is a Treasure

Now is the time to create a visual guide/reminder about what you really want. These visual cues are often referred to a Vision Boards.

You can make them from drawings, magazine cut outs, words and photos. Give yourself a few hours to be creative and compile your vision.

You can choose the size but make sure it is in a place where you will see it every day. I hang mine where I read and meditate. My kids hang theirs on their ceiling above their bed.


I have been doing vision boards for several years and I have found that since I started framing mine I treasure it more.

Even if you are in a rough chapter or don’t feel this is a good time; push through and give it a try. When I look back at my first official vision board I was in a dark chapter and I put things I thought were impossibilities; before I knew it things were happening as I had envisioned. This undertaking is more of a challenge when things are hard but even more important during these times than if everything was great. Reach deep. Remember you can add to or take away at any time. This is yours!

Get a frame and create a new chapter for yourself.</

This is my vision board from 2013:

Many things seemed like craziness when I made this. Just a few things that have come true for me are: a fabulous family trip to Ireland, opportunity to speak for thousands of people, started POW WOWs; authentic friends coming together monthly to learn and share. Just to mention a few. When I made this they truly seemed impossibilities. Dream big and take action!

The resources that have helped me most with this endeavor are: The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes (book or movie), The Millionaire’s Course by Marc Allen and The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

Optimistically, Erin

Vision is About YOU! Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever


Step 2: Get Clear in Your Mind’s Eye on What You Want in the Biggest Way Possible

In Step 1 of Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever I suggested you answer this question over and over again:

Wouldn’t It Be Great If…?

By now, hopefully you have charted an audacious course and have taken action by writing down a long list of things that you think would be great in your life.

At this point, go through your list and only keep the statements that pertain to YOU. If you have statements about others remove them unless it is something you are doing or feeling. This is the hard part for many people because it is often easier to wish great things for others. Your vision is about YOU.

Compile your statements into a written story or description in the present tense. Don’t hold back; be daring. Keep negative self talk, fear, doubt and guilt to the side; acknowledge those thoughts and feelings and then move on to abundance. Most importantly have fun thinking about the best case for your life.

While compiling your words; create pictures in your mind of what this life will look and feel like. You can draw pictures or make notes. This will help you bring it to life in your vision board.
You may need to write your best case several times. It takes effort and courage. You will never regret taking the time to create your best life in your mind. You are planting seeds of greatness; you are becoming what you are meant to be.

Be Bold and Brave.

Practicing courage means we are brave enough to take action to discover and pursue what we really want.

With excitement, Erin

Wouldn’t It Be Great If…? Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!


Over the next couple of months I will be posting tips for making 2015 your best year ever! Here is the first step in prepping to make an awesome vision board for 2015. Spend time thinking about what you really want by using the statement:

Wouldn’t it be great if…?.

When we know what we want and we ask for what we want we are actually opening the doors to be able to contribute more to others.

Most people spend more time planning a vacation or choosing which car to buy than they do thinking about what they want for their life. The epidemic is that we are either thinking too small or not at all about our greatest hopes and dreams. It is scary to dream big and think bolder because we may risk failure, rejection from others or actually be afraid and feel unworthy of what we really want. The challenge and responsibility is to be courageous so you have more to contribute. The hope is that you don’t wake up one day and realize you never used your gifts to benefit others because you were afraid or to realize you just let life happen to you. You are meant to live abundantly and joyously.

You can start dreaming bigger by answering this question: Wouldn’t it be great if…? Answer it over and over again. As you become comfortable with it, start writing down your answers. Free your mind to think and open your heart to visualize outlandish dreams and impossibilities. At first, this tool may bring out feelings of guilt or greed. You may have thoughts like: we shouldn’t ask for more, we should be content with what we do have, I don’t deserve more, it will never happen, people will think I am crazy or every time I get my hopes up I am disappointed. These are common reactions. Move pass your old ways of thinking, you have new tools now to respond to opportunity in new ways. You are courageous. You may have been conditioned that we should be grateful and content with what we already have. Gratitude is essential but while you begin using this tool remember that when we know what we want and we ask for what we want we are opening the doors to be able to contribute more to others.

If we continue to think small and without vision, the same happens to those we love the most. When we step out and begin to live courageously we inevitably empower others to do the same. So forge through the negative feelings and practice using this tool. It is truly life changing. This is a powerful tool so make sure you are saying and writing the experiences, relationships, opportunities and things that you REALLY want. Include vacations, profession, contributions, how you spend your time, where you live, who you are with, how you feel, how you look, what your hobbies are.

Once you compile your responses turn them into present and achieved statements. Use presence not contingencies. This strategy plants a more powerful and healthy seed; you reap a great harvest when you plant the right seeds in healthy soil and nurture it over time. Your dreams are the seeds, your thoughts and actions are the nourishment and your harvest is living abundantly in every way.

Here are examples of how you move from answering the question to creating achieved statements:

Wouldn’t it be great if I wrote a bestselling book? Wouldn’t it be great if I lived on the beach? Wouldn’t it be great if I had lots of authentic friendships and fabulous dinner parties?

Here are the types of statements you want to include in your working vision (present tense and detailed):

I have a best-selling book that is helping millions of people. I have a beautiful beach house where I walk out my back door with my dogs and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. I host a monthly dinner party with fabulous friends who support me and I support them. Our friendships are authentic and our best interests are the driving force in everything we do.

Once you have your written statements it is a good idea to create a visual cue to help you envision and focus on what you really want. You can print photos, cut magazines, write words, or draw pictures of everything you want, big and small. I suggest you frame it or use special materials so it is a personal treasure. (I will share samples in the next blog for Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever!)

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with the big dream is more powerful than the one with all the facts. ~Albert Einstein

Affirmation: I dream big and think bold; I am worthy and capable of having what I really want. I believe in the power of my thoughts and actions. I empower others through Living Inspired.

Action Statement: I will take time to think bolder and dream bigger about my life. I will expand my thoughts. I will think about and decide what I really want. I will create a written statement and/or a visual cue to remind myself of my greatest hopes and dreams.

Dream Big, Practice Courage.


P.S.: You may feel totally uncomfortable and even incapable of imagining beyond where you are. It is ok; you just need to practice new ways of thinking and keep your fear at bay. Just keep using the tools even if you don’t totally believe it. Before you know it, they will start to work and you will be flabbergasted by the results.

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