What is keeping you awake at night?


From homemakers to executives, it seems to be the guiding question focused on problems and where to put your energy.

What if we started asking,

What DREAMS are keeping you up at night?

Is your focus on dreams or worries?

Everyone has challenges, adversity, tragedy and sorrow. Everyone.  There is no escaping the human condition.

We can rise above the human condition. We can use it to make us stronger, bolder, braver, more compassionate and hopeful.  The human condition and our suffering can create a head full of worries and a heart full of bleak colors…


We can choose to create a million dreams that are so exciting and audacious that we fill our minds with bright colors. We can have a million dreams keep us awake at night.

I recently saw the movie The Greatest Showman with my daughter.  We loved it!  We were inspired, we were moved by the dynamic music and powerful messages of bravery, inclusion, hope and tenacity even in the face of sorrow, tragedy and judgment.

Here are the lyrics, by Ziv Zaifman, that are staying with me are:

‘Cause every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

What world are you making?

Let’s stop burning up our lives in two week increments between paydays worrying about the bills. Tuck those bills away, pay them peacefully when you can.

Use the time in between to create a mind full of dreams.

Let’s stop telling our sad story over and over again to anyone who will listen.

Start talking about what we want and what we are dreaming about.

No more laying down and recapping everything we should have or could have done. No more self doubt and negative self talk.  Make no room for draining and self deprecating energy.

Fill our minds with possibilities.

When we begin to focus on dreams and possibilities our lives change.

What we focus on we get more of, so when we are filling our minds with bright colors and dreams we will:

Meet positive people

Generate ideas and increase creativity

Pursue dreams we forgot we had or may have never even knew we had

Get adept at following the nudges; using our intuition and power for guidance and good.

It is time to FLIP the SWITCH.

What is keeping you awake at night?

What world are you making?

Not sure where to start?  Your mind is too cluttered, your heart is too sad, you are afraid of disappointment, you’re tired and depleted.  You are not alone.  Everyone feels like this at some point.  It truly takes practice to start thinking about possibilities and commitment to learn how to shift focus to the high energy things.

The Be Amazing Workbook is full of fun activities you can work through to start thinking of yourself and your dreams. If you have people you trust invite them to do it with you.

Put the work in on practicing courage, embracing self consideration and Making It Happen for your life. Make the time to invest in your dreams and a colorful life; not your worries.  Take care of your challenges; then set them aside.

Nurture your dreams with every ounce of energy you have.

Imagine a world and the energy we can create if we fill our minds with dreams.

We are intended to live joyously and abundantly.  Get practicing!  No one can do it for you except you.

Staying Awake with My Dreams, Erin

Inspirational Speaker & Author

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Melting Away


This past week we have been consumed by ice and snow.

Then Poof!


Today the white was gone. In one day, a week plus of white is now water flowing fast down the hills creating mini waterfalls and fast moving streams.

I couldn’t help think about how fast things change.  Nature. Our thoughts. Our relationships. Our lives.

Usually people think about life changing fast when a tragedy occurs but we can also think of fast change for what we want and what we hope for.

We can melt away our fear, our self doubt, our regret and our guilt.  It all can flow down the stream if we let it melt. As time passes and seasons change, we can melt.  We can become more tender and loving. We can soften, disarm, be touched and moved.

Don’t wait for the wake up call to start moving in the direction of what you really want.

Tell people how much you love them.

Do the things you dream of.

Treat yourself.

Practice softening towards yourself. Be kind to you.

Disarm the things that no longer serve you.

Do something that makes you nervous and that is hard.

Don’t postpone JOY.

We don’t have to be a ping pong of reactions to what happens.  We can practice being present, savoring what is, feeling what we don’t like, taking time to heal our pain and allowing ourselves to fully embrace our joy.  We can melt away what is holding us back.

Let things come and go. Get in flow.

Disarming and Expecting the Best, Erin

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Natural Habitat: Go Where You Belong


We got the first big snow since we moved to our farm in Kentucky a year ago.

My neighbor’s dog looked different today.

My neighbor’s dog is half husky and half wolf.  He is usually panting, kind of smells bad, is too bold and doesn’t quite seem comfortable in his own skin.  I often wondered  if it is because we are trying not to encourage him to be at our house since we already have dogs and he has a family or if it is because he just doesn’t know where he belongs.

Then on my morning walk today everything became clear to me.

He was in his element in the snow.  I had never seen him so natural, so comfortable and so happy.

He smiled bigger than ever before.


He ran with a spring in his step.


He relaxed in the snow laying down, looking around, smelling…savoring the experience.

He talked to me, he rubbed up against me, he looked at me…we were celebrating together.  He didn’t smell bad and his fur was softer than ever before.

He was being who he is meant to be, a snow dog.  It was inspiring to see him in his element.

This led me to think about us.  Are we spending time in our natural habitat or are we always trying to adapt?  Adapting takes a lot of energy.

What is your natural habitat?

Where are you meant to be?  What is your preferred environment?

Who do you feel good being around?  Where do you feel most accepted?

What kind of clothes make you feel great?

What smells do you enjoy?

What type of room arrangement, lighting and furniture contribute to your comfort?

What type of activities put you in your element?

There will always be times we need to adapt and make adjustments.  These times are less cumbersome and less draining if we provide time and space for ourselves in our natural habitats.   We can deal with difficult people better, we can handle challenges with greater ease and we can be more self aware, responsive and less reactive.

When we are in our element we aren’t looking for approval or acceptance.  We aren’t struggling to be good at what we are doing or working harder than necessary.  We become like my neighbor’s dog this morning.

When we are in our element we are a magnet for joy, inspiration and goodness.  Our natural habitat creates authenticity and abundance.

Define yours. Pay attention.  Take action.  Be who you are meant to be and go where you shine the brightest.  Go where you belong.

To snow dogs and springs in our steps, Erin

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High Regard in 2018


Be a Giver and Be a Receiver!

So every December and January I give lots of thought about how I want my year to be.

I choose a word, update my vision board, write a picture perfect statement and reflect on the previous year.

In December, I had surgery (everything is fine just hernia) and my husband had surgery (pretty serious on his neck). We are recovering well. We also had company and did our traditional entertaining (scaled back). So I am now just coming out of the fog to really get clarity and energy around 2018.

One thing that keeps coming to my mind is making sure I show up for people. I want to be supportive, acknowledge hardships, grieve together, celebrate together…I want to to be considerate and show high levels of regard for others’ experiences.

I am also going to hold myself and my experiences in high regard. I am investing my time and energy in me and in people who show up for me this year. True and healthy relationships are reciprocal without tit for tat.

Watch how you are spending your time and with whom.

Are you giving and considerate? Are others the same towards you?

Are you caught up in all your own stuff you often overlook or dismiss other people’s stuff?

Write a note, send a text, prepare a special gift, ask questions, offer support, be encouraging, listen and surround yourself with people who will do the same for you.

Be a Giver and Be a Receiver! Just don’t be a taker.

Cheers to high regard in 2018!


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Let’s Make Each Other Eggs


A couple of weeks ago I was doing a workshop at a Women’s Conference.  I listened to the keynote speaker, Hallie Lord, share her journey in the development of her faith.  She is an author and a speaker who hosts a podcast.

Hallie was sharing a story about the interview she did with a nun for her podcast.  The nun serves in a program in New York City for women who are in crisis and are pregnant.  They have a place they can stay and get on their feet while they have the baby.  As Hallie was interviewing the nun she asked her what do they do.  The nun replied, ‘we pour love into the situation.’

As Hallie described her conversation she asked how they ‘poured love into the situation’?  The nun responded that when the women arrive, regardless of the situation or the time of day, they don’t try to fix anything, they don’t try to make a big plan, and they don’t escort them to their rooms.  What they do to ‘pour love into the situation’ is they make eggs, sit, listen and get to know each other.  My guess is they probably sit and are still too.

What if we all just decided to ‘pour love into the situation’ and make some eggs for each other?

No judging.

No fixing.

No planning.

Love and eggs.

More listening.

More getting to know one another.

Let’s slow down and make some eggs.

Pouring love, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author


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Refreshed Path

pathrefershedA road I travel everyday for miles is getting repaved.  As I waited for the trucks and partial lane closings I thought about how fast they were getting this project done.

After going through a bit of delay and roadside chaos, I reached the portion where the road was smooth and lovely.  Even though it was the same path, it felt so different.  It was clean and crisp, the beautiful scenery contrasted a bit more with the freshly laid black tar which made everything more green and vibrant.

I love my country road it is a new path for me this year. I didn’t know I could love it even more, but I do. It is refreshed and vibrant.  The yellow line is a brighter guide, the feeling is smooth and the surroundings are gorgeous.

This road is a lot like life.

We can love it more and more.
Do things you enjoy.
Savor the beauty and the good.

With a bit of refreshing we can make big changes.
Think about creating a more peaceful morning ritual.
Go to bed a bit earlier.
Drink more water.

Rough patches always end.
Think back to what you have made it through and how strong you are.
No mud, no lotus.

Delays can be opportunities.
Everything is all in good time.
Take time to think about your path.

We don’t have to change everything to have new perspective.
Rearrange a room.
Clean out your closet.
Drive a different route.

Small things make a big difference.
Do something nice for someone.
Get yourself some flowers.
Take a day off.

Be aware of your guides.
Interact with positive people who have your best interest.
Keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your priorities
Get clear about your priorities.

Refreshing can happen fast…don’t make it bigger than it is. Don’t overthink it; take action.

What needs to be refreshed in your life?

We are intended to be on a vibrant, smooth and beautiful path.
We are intended to live joyously and abundantly.

Here is to rejuvenation and choices.

With joy and abundance, Erin

Reset Your Joy Barometer

Joy Barometer.jpg-1328522

What are we waiting for?

Several people have come into my life lately that have prompted me to pose this question once again.

In my book, Be Amazing: Tools for Living Inspired, and during my speaking engagements I tell the story of “Don’t Postpone Joy”. A story that illustrates the importance of living for today.

Today is your day.  Stop limiting the possibilities. Stop obsessing over stuff that doesn’t matter.  Stop waiting for the perfect time. Begin to treat yourself.  Start looking for joy and you will have more to give.

Here are few examples that have inspired me to reset my Joy Barometer:

  1. Free yourself up.

We had a few guests over, I was in conversation about how our drinking glasses were always breaking.  Our guest said she wishes her glasses would break so she could get new ones.  I asked why she needs to wait till they break.  There was no reason.  She wasn’t aiming toward an extravagant purchase outside of her budget.  She just wasn’t considering freeing herself up to get something new even if it wasn’t ‘needed’.  Sometimes it is a good idea to do something new even if isn’t required or needed.  Small actions, like buying new drinking glasses, can open your thoughts to the new possibilities.  Free yourself up, it is necessary.

  1. Treat yourself.

The same person used our restroom and asked about the soap in the bathroom because it was so nice.  I said it was just from a discount retail store and that I bought the soap because it was in glass bottles and smelled lovely.  She then talked about how she liked a certain soap and that she needs to go buy some when her current soap is out.  I suggested not to wait.  The soap she loved and enjoyed was just a dollar or two more.  Go buy the soap you enjoy.  A dollar or two won’t matter in the long run but how you treat yourself will.

  1. Enjoy and Move On.

Another visitor shared how she loves a certain type of jelly beans and she can’t help but eat all of her favorite color ones and then think about the other ones and end up eating all of them.  It seemed to be one of the main aspects of her day.  I hear stuff like this all of the time.  We get distracted by food, media, or other people and then our focus goes on things that don’t necessarily add joy to our lives. What about buying the jelly beans, enjoying them and then letting it go?  Better yet, how about finding ways to contribute that are so meaningful and full of passion that minor distractions don’t exist anymore.  Enjoy the jelly beans and move on.

  1. Take the trip.

So many people I talk with are waiting for retirement to see things they have dreamt a lifetime to see.  Seriously, why not now?  Save up.  Reprioritize. Increase your revenue.  Go see what you dream about seeing.  Meet more people of different ways of life. You will have more joy.  Don’t wait till your health is compromised or time is limited to explore and expand your perspective.

  1. Say it.

Recently, a beloved coach and educator passed away in a community that we used to live in.  He was a great guy.  He had an outstanding farewell and tribute, all of which was well deserved and quite beautiful. But I couldn’t help thinking if he was ever told the magnitude of his impact.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, his passing and the farewell reminded me to make sure people know their impact.  I am recommitted to telling people thank you, acknowledging their contributions and personal impact.  We don’t have to wait for someone to die unexpectedly to realize their impact.  Spread joy with appreciation.

  1. You are  worthy.

So many people are waiting to be the perfect weight before doing something they want.  Stop already.  Your weight shouldn’t determine your worthiness of experiences and joy.  It is like shooting yourself with the second arrow as Buddhist refer to.  There is no perfect time or perfect weight. You are worthy.  The time is now.


Trust yourself.  Free yourself up. Reset your joy barometer. You know your budget, you know what is healthy and not healthy.

Let’s start believing in ourselves, treating ourselves, and trusting ourselves.  Let’s open ourselves to possibilities.  This approach won’t lead us to fiscal despair, gluttony or being out of control; it will free us up for some joy and flow of good energy.  It is the obsession, self imposed deprivation and limitations, and control that messes with our joy barometer.

Boundaries are good and helpful; what matters is what we do within those boundaries.  The goal should be to create as much joy, possibility, passion and love as possible.  The boundaries should help us not hinder us.

Make your Joy Barometer a daily priority.  Joy is a choice!

We are meant to live joyously and abundantly and sometimes we forget.  Get out of your own way.

Joyfully, Erin

Inspirational Author and Speaker

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Passing Time


images-4On a recent flight, I watched a movie called Mr. Church (2016) starring Eddie Murphy based on a true story of friendship.  The reviews are mixed but I enjoyed it.

At one point in the movie one of main characters talks about Mr. Church…his life was how he passed time in between serving others.  He cooked, painted, gardened and played the piano.  I don’t have this citation exact but this isn’t really about the movie; it is about asking ourselves how we are passing time.

Are we working too much?  Have we forgotten how to pass time with beauty and grace?

Are we rushing, waiting for the next vacation or the unlikely windfall of money?

Are we worried and stressed about things we have no control over?

Can we learn to be present; enjoying activities and contributions in new ways?

Are we living in the moment or looking for continual distraction in social media, trash television, and the news?

This movie prompted me to really reflect on a few things in my own life:

How am I serving others on a daily basis?

How do I pass time?

Are there new ways I can enjoy in the between time more?  What interests have I not discovered?  What contributions have I not made?

I hope you will ask the same questions of yourself.  After all, our legacy will be our service and how we used the time in between.

Inspired, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author


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Everything to Gain


For those of you who have attended my workshops or who know me; know that I am firm believer in writing out your ‘picture perfect’ life and making a visual representation of your vision.  I use a vision board.  I have been making one a year for about the last six years.  My family started making them, too. We all started thinking bigger and being more open to possibilities.

Yesterday, my husband was cleaning out his closet as we prepare to move to the country to start a lavender farm.  He found his first vision board he made about five years ago.  He texted me a picture and noted that he had completely forgotten that he had a lathe on it, let alone this particular one.  He now has that lathe since starting his cue making business over the summer.  We were thrilled to see the Universe conspiring in his favor in such a tangible way.  While it is only a material possession it is a manifestation of seeds he planted years ago and forgot about.

You can make anything you want out of this but we choose gratitude and excitement.  We are planting seeds of abundance and joy and celebrating when they bloom.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting a big vision for your life.

Focus on what you want.  Focus on how you can serve.   Be a light shining bright.

Go make a vison board to start 2017 with excitement and possibility.

Go big.

If you want some help creating your vision my book and workbook have lots of Tools to help you.


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Don’t Trade One Problem for Another


It seems obvious but it is actually an insidious pattern that we need to be aware of if we want to live a life of great contribution.

Trading one problem for another often looks like this:

Quitting smoking then eating more. 

Leaving a bad marriage then starting a new bad relationship.

Resigning from a job just to start a new job that brings more problems.  

Withdrawing from a friendship because you are annoyed just to spend time with other friends you also find annoying.

There are times we need to to leave, withdraw, resign and quit.  For sure we do and probably should more often.  BUT what we need to be careful of is running away from something instead of TO something.



Get a clear vision of what you want.

Learn what your greatest contributions can be.

Prepare for challenges.


Running to something often looks like this:

Quit smoking. Start exercising.  Clear mind and healthy body.

Choosing to leave a bad marriage to find your power and strength.  Once you find it, prince charming comes along or you choose not to be in a relationship.

Reframe friendships or limit time with friends that aren’t aligned with what you want.  Friendships improve and space is made in your life for the right people.

Focus on what you want your job to be with the intention of service. Dream job offer comes.


Stop shifting your life situations from mediocrity to mediocrity.  Rather, go big.  Dream. Take action.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR and chart your course.

Work towards something.  Move toward your biggest dreams.  No more running away.

You have what you need inside of you; get out of your own way.  Make a path for abundant and joyful living.

Not sure where to begin?  Use the Living Inspired Tools in my book and workbook. You will certainly start charting a bold new course for your life.

Want to go really big and create a platform in your life to connect with others about your dreams, fears, action steps and challenges?  Start a POW WOW.

Let’s get ready to go big in 2017!

Love, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author

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