I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Within 24 hours I received two almost identical messages.

Message 1:

You led me to this!!
Just ask for it. 

Message 2:

My vision board. My very first vision board ever! I stuck this car picture almost completely under the words because in my mind it wasn’t even a possibility. However, the next image you see is me driving home in the car from the vision board this past Friday. I am 43 and this is the first car I have ever purchased. Because my husband deals in used cars I just always drove whatever he hadn’t sold at the moment. He decided it was time I got to pick out something for me. This is such a small visual representation of the ginormous changes inside and out from the trainings with you. You Make a Difference! I just had to say thank you.
Forever grateful! You changed my life Erin Ramsey!

We all know this is bigger than cars and vision boards; it is about opening yourself up to possibilities.
It is about embracing your worthiness.
It is about learning to stop playing small.
You are intended to live joyously and abundantly.
It takes courage to be open minded and open hearted with yourself.  When you do this you have more to give others.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that these messages came as I began production on the upcoming Courage Challenge.  A clear reminder to me that the tools I am sharing WORK! 

The energy, the faith, the courage and growth are priceless and SUPER FUN. 

Bust a move and join me.  See you May 1st!

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