Seeing the Ocean for the First Time

April 2021

My dog, Honey, is a lavender farm dog.  This means she has a doggie door; she is free to be about the land. It also means that her environment is very quiet.  No traffic.  No leashes. No crowds.

I decided to take her to Florida with us.  I love the ocean.  She loves the water (pond, puddles).

We had a few family votes if Honey would like the beach because she is timid and was on sensory overload being on the road trip at crowded rest stops, so it was a mix. 
Some voted ‘Afraid’.
Some voted ‘Love it’.
When Honey and I arrived at the beach on a quiet early morning she stared at the water.
She was curious.
She backed up as each new wave approached.
She was uncertain.
She sniffed and looked around.
Her senses were overloaded.
It ended up that Honey and I didn’t get more time at the beach for her to create a ‘new normal’ experience with the water, but I wonder if we did what would have happened. 
Would she be fetching her ball in the waves? 
Would she be brave and acclimated enough to relax and experience this new adventure with confidence?
Ok, I know, I am super attached to my Honey.  But really, think about her experience and compare it to some of your experiences. 
When do you get curious? 
When was the last time you were a little apprehensive but interested?
Did you back away?
Did you give yourself time to create a new normal?
Are you often on overload so new things become overwhelming and prevent you from following your curiosity?
This process of curiosity and uncertainty can result in awe inspiring living.  Your experiences, relationships, thoughts, hobbies, beliefs, pretty much anything can be impacted.
It also can, more times than not, result in fear-based living if you let yourself continually back away.
What are you allowing yourself to see for the first time?
If you are ready to give yourself space and time to be curious about the unlimited possibilities…
If you are ready to create a more exciting, vibrant new normal for your life…
If you are ready to overcome backing away from living a life of your dreams…
Join me May 1st for the Courage Challenge. 
No worries, your challenge will be private (unless you decide to inspire others).  You don’t even have to show up for a workshop, meeting or turn in assignments.  All you have to do is make a commitment to yourself.  I will send you 14 challenges via email with an assignment/worksheet, video message, tools, and inspiration.
You have nothing to lose to begin thinking bigger about your next chapter.
Give yourself a bit of time and I will help you get curious and forge ahead into a new adventure.
See you May 1st!
Cast a ‘Love it’ vote for yourself.
Let’s dive in together!


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