A Story About Pens

Practicing Abundance

I love pens that feel good and write perfectly.  When I have the right pen, my penmanship is better, and I write more.  I make better lists; I record more ideas and I document more beautiful moments.

One of my favorite pens is from Hilton hotels.  I usually have them readily available. I started to get worried about where they were and when I would ever get another one now that I am not travelling and haven’t for a solid year next month. 

I started my new journal with a Hilton pen and I want the ink to be same throughout the year.  I didn’t know how this could happen.

I was in a scarcity mindset.

Not enough.  Going to run out. 

Then I had a thought…maybe I can find some on online. 

Yup, turns out other people love these pens, too.

Then I realized I could order a 100 of them and personalize them for just a bit more than I spend on pens throughout the year (was really into G2s this past year and of course smelly markers).

An abundant mindset prevailed.

I found more options than I could have imagined.  Colors, personalization, quick delivery…

I love white…now I have white and gold pens with Make IT Happen (my closing story in my book, Be Amazing and at many workshops) and my website on them!  That is what you call abundance.

More than enough. Options.

Ok, I know they are only pens but in the bigger picture of things it is a clear reminder for myself and I hope for you that we can choose abundance way more often than we do. 

It is about possibilities!  It is about welcoming all the goodness then sharing it.

Do something that makes you feel abundant. 

Make some choices that open you to the possibilities.

You are worthy of the pen you like and so much more friends.

With joyful vigor, Erin

If you want a chance to win one of these beautifully abundant pens head over to Facebook and/or Instagram and put a comment in the pen post!  I will draw lucky winners on Friday, January 15th.

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