Everything is a Process

Everything is a process.

Change is an opportunity.

Change hit me hard when I ran across this picture of an event where I was the keynote speaker, which wasn’t taken that long ago. It felt like a faraway reality. Who could have ever imagined that a room full of people would appear odd?


Now my work is all done from home.


One year I flew on 99 airplanes and now I don’t have any idea when I will fly again.

The current reality is drastically different. I am different.  I bet you are, too.

I hear people share they have slowed down.

Parents report they have spent more time with their kids than they ever have in the past.

Work and life have come together (if you work from home).  Workplaces are seeing people as more whole because you are in their living rooms, hearing their dogs bark and their family members pass by the screens.

More people are gardening and growing food.

It is amazing to me how adaptable we can be.

We can pivot.

We can change.

We can grow.

One of my favorite things during this time is the amount of snail mail I have received. Snail mail is a consideration, an effort beyond a text or email.

I have written many notes and mailed them. It is fun! In fact, I created these cards to send out for people to giveaway.  You can put it on your desk, your bathroom mirror or in your wallet.  Don’t Postpone Joy, even when things are hard. What are you waiting for?


So, while things are hard, and many people are suffering it is important to step back and acknowledge our strength and our adaptability.

What are you leaving behind?

What are you now creating?

Keep growing. Don’t let yourself get stuck.

You are in process.  I am in process.  Situations are in process.

I am wishing you bright days ahead.


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