You Have the POWER

You have the POWER to manage your thoughts and feelings.

It sounds easy but it takes practice.

It is necessary to train your brain.

It is one thing that will change how you live and feel.

It will move you away from depletion, mediocrity, negativity…. anything that is preventing you from living joyously and abundantly.

I don’t want to oversimplify or over generalize but I do know that if you start focusing more on what you want versus what you don’t want you will get more of what you want.

After offering numerous workshops, speeches, and coaching conversations I realize this is one thing that people underestimate the most in improving their lives.

The underestimation of focus, details, conscientiousness of our thoughts block all other efforts to live the way you really want to.

Far too many people have been taught or developed habits of focusing on the negative, so it becomes challenging to know what we really want.

Here are a few things to give you an idea on training your brain:

I don’t want to be broke anymore.  I don’t want debt.
 I am moving toward financial abundance.
Money is energy and I am open to receiving. I manage money well. Money is freedom tokens.
Think about how much money you want.  Think about how you will feel. What your life will be like and what you will do.

I need to lose of 30 pounds.  I am overweight.
My body is strong, and I honor it.  I move it often and I nourish it with healthy food and thoughts.  I have healthy routines and rituals that keep my body vibrant.
Visualize how you want your body to be.  What you will wear, what you will be doing and how you will feel.

I am sick of being so negative. I procrastinate and I keep telling myself my sad story over and over again.
The world is my oyster.  I am open and worthy to positive experiences and thoughts.  I get to decide how I feel and how I act.  I smile, laugh and talk about good things.  I am a person action because I know what I want.

You might be having thoughts like this:

Whatever Erin.  You haven’t been through what I am going through.
This is annoying. 
This won’t work for me.
I need more than just thoughts.

I get it.  I understand.  I was there too.

I am here to remind you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Thoughts are free.

It can be fun if you let it be.

Nothing changes unless we do and the first place to start is with our thoughts then followed by action.

Take care of business while you expand your thoughts.

Deal with challenges then put most of your effort in retraining your brain to focus on the good and what you want.

Challenges will always be a part of life, what we do with them and the direction we move in is our choice!

Before you know it, things that seemed impossible and even delusion will come to fruition.

Be disciplined toward joy and abundance.

Trust me, this city girl lives on lavender farm in rural Kentucky…never in my wildest dreams!
Join me on the fun way to live no matter where you are now you can begin to discover dreams you don’t even know you have.

Your thoughts and words are magical, start using them to your benefit.
Everyone around you will win!

Think big and think good, Erin

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