Two Years from Now

jumpstartjoyphotoI started rearranging my office last night to prepare for the recordings of my online workshops called JUMP START JOY (look for registration in March only $99 for six workshops with me). You will want to join in!

The real point of this email is to share a moment with you.

As I was putting my books back on the shelves one caught my eye.  It is called The Alladin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.  I picked it up and looked at which pages I tabbed (I tab all the books I read.)

As I was perusing, I remembered vividly how I had read this book ten years ago on a cruise during spring break with my four kids and my husband.  It was a cruise we couldn’t 20200228_122743afford but I was desperate to not have phone service (a forced vacation from work).

I remembered how I cried in the bathroom more than once because I felt alone.

I remembered sitting on the deck reading this book and getting a glimpse of hope. It is weird I have not re read this book.  I plan to this weekend.

So, if you have heard me speak, you know this was the breaking point in my life for my stress level of being in a failing marriage, a grumpy mom and a broke workaholic.

Man, I was sad.  So very sad…to my core. I may have looked stressed or grumpy, but the truth was it was pure sadness.  Everything may have seemed fine to others, in fact many have told me now they had no idea, but nothing was ok, and I was hiding.

Looking back, I truly could not have ever imagined how my life is today.

This is a reminder, anything is possible.

20200228_135850This is the exact same trip where my daughter Molly, found the first heart!  You can read the story again in my book, Be Amazing(p.7). Little did I know that tiny heart on the beach would be the turning point for me and for so many others.

Here is what I tabbed:

If everything went perfectly for you in the next two years, how would you like to see your life change?

 I don’t remember if I answered this on the cruise, but I have been disciplined in focusing on what I want rather than what I don’t want for these past ten years and it certainly pays off.

If you feel sad, lost or on the cusp of greatness, keep your focus on what you really want.  Practice courage to think about the good and the possible.

2019owensborolivingToday I live on a lavender farm with my two of my four kids, three grand babies, my daughter in law and husband. My marriage is strong, my business to help others live big is growing and I have so many awesome experiences travelling, learning and experimenting with my life!

I have problems just like anyone else.  We all live under the human condition. But I am certain there is way more good than bad if we start looking for the good.

What goodness do you want over the next two years?

We can do this together.  We are intended for joy and abundance and we have the strength to handle the hard times.  You are not alone.

Gratefully, Erin


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