The Game Changing Chair

On a recent follow up call to a retreat, I asked each person to share any action they had taken to move in the direction they really wanted to go.

As each person reported, they shared how they were using the tools.  Embracing self-consideration, thinking bigger about their lives, focusing on what they want instead of what they don’t and capitalizing on routines and rituals were common themes.

One woman shared that she decided to create more space for thinking time.  She realized she had gotten away from it over the years.  When she sat in her chair, she realized the reason was probably because the rocking chair was too big for her, it was broken and was being held up by the wall. All of which had been ‘put up with’ for a long time.

She paused and in a matter of fact manner told the group that she told herself she was worthy of a new chair.

She went out and purchased a chair for her thinking space.
Now this may just sound like a `duh’ to some.  Broken chair equals new chair.

But I can pretty much guarantee her buying a new chair for herself has improved the entire trajectory of her life.

A true game changer.

When we do small things to consider ourselves, we are opening a door to possibility.  We are putting out to the world that we no longer equate ourselves with the 75% off rack or to the broken chair. We are preparing for the big opportunities to come our way and preparing to say yes them and to ourselves!

We are building our strength and self-respect by tending to our spirits and our needs.
One small action can be a catalyst for unlimited possibilities.
We can clear the way for joy and abundance.

What is one thing you can do for yourself to help you tend to your spirit this week?

Get rid of your worn out under garments.
Buy a fresh bath towel.
Drink your favorite drink.
Declutter your closet.
Go for a walk.
Get an extra hour sleep.
Create a peaceful morning ritual.
Organize your purse.
Treat yourself to something that isn’t an afterthought or a clearance item.
Take a bubble bath.
Say how you really feel.
Decline something you don’t really want to do.
Do something you are afraid to do.
Go for a walk.

How are you going to change your game?
Everything counts.
Start small and before you know it you will be busting mind blowing moves with your life.
You are worthy.

Busting Moves, Erin

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For tools on Embracing Self Consideration check out Be Amazing: Tools for Living Inspired.

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