What I Remembered @ Nike World Headquarters

I loved speaking at Nike World Headquarters last week.


The environment was abundant and chill while enveloped in a feeling of excellence and serenity. The campus was beautiful with a lake, gardens, photo banners of athletes who dedicated their lives to be the best and breathtaking architecture with perfectly placed water features. The details were tended to with intentional impeccability.


The quiet conversations being spoken in lots of different languages, the fresh food, bikes, walking paths, photos and beauty made me almost forget that thousands of people were working there.  The quiet calmness midday on Thursday was phenomenal.  It was chill.


Shoe Dog, Phil Knight’s biography, and my visit to Nike World Headquarters inspired me to remember:

~how important it is to create a business and a life grounded in what you want

~physical environment matters

~focus on relationships

~tend to the details

~things can grow and change fast (Nike was founded when I was a child)

~you can be abundant and serene

~chillness and excellence can co-exist

~dreams can happen if you JUST DO IT!


Keep putting yourself out there.  Keep making space for ideas. Keep thinking big about your life and your contributions.  You never know where your bold actions will take you.

You are intended to live joyously and abundantly.  You are destined for greatness.  BUST A MOVE.

Busting moves with gratitude, Erin

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