Mix It Up

mixitupI have been getting my nails done the same way for SIXTEEN years.  Short to medium length with a square shape.  Today I decided to try a new shape.  It was fun and kind of exciting.  I know, you might be thinking I need to get a life.  Does the shape of your nails really even matter?

Obviously, it isn’t about my nails.  It is about mixing things up.  Creating a feeling of newness, curiosity, and excitement with everyday things can expand the possibilities for joy and abundance in your life.  Keep yourself on your toes!

Mix it up by:

Try driving a different way home from work or the store.

Listen to a new type of music.

Tweak your schedule. Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier.

Buy a new lipstick color.  One you would have never considered before.

Visit a new place where you live.  A park, a place of worship, a store…make a discovery.

Make a new recipe.

Go to the produce department and buy something you have never eaten before.

Do something nice for someone out of the blue.

There are so many ways we can mix it up.  What have you been doing the same way for a long time?  Do something new to make room for possibilities.

Loving my new nails.


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