Get the Spring Back in Your Step


I don’t know about you, but this winter has been long for me. The skies have been grey and the rain plenty. I am grateful for the water and the reprieve from intense heat yet at the same time the darkness and the chill sometimes diminish the natural spring in my step.

I know this happens every year. I fully embrace that everything is a process.

Sometimes jumping into the process in new ways can help us navigate the way we really want to live and feel.

Now with March upon us, I am taking action to unleash the Spring in my step before Spring is officially here!

Here are things we can do together:

1. Wear brighter colors. (see my green shirt?!)
2. Wear springy nail polish and lipstick.
3. Watch one hilarious YouTube video a day.
4. Assess routines and rituals for high energy and joy! For example, use a springy mug for morning coffee or make time to watch the sunrise and the sunset. (cute mug, huh?)
5. Buy a new bottle of sunscreen in preparation for sunny days by the pool and in the garden!
6. Get a new pen. (I am going to change the colors in my bullet journal to brighter spring colors.)
7. Plant seeds.
8. Cut daffodils (straight from the front yard) or buy yourself a bouquet at the grocery store this week.
9. Clean out a drawer, a cabinet, a closet. Declutter to make room for the new season, new energy and new experiences.
10. Rearrange your gratitude chair or special place. (If you don’t have one, create one).
11. Light a floral candle.
12. Get some new sheets.
13. Get a new welcome mat and sweep the entry to your home.
14. Clean windows.
15. Detail your car.
16. Moisturize your skin.
17. Buy a sundress!
18. Go for a stroll.
19. Start a new hobby.
20. Learn about something you are curious about.
21. Plan a new experience. Even if it is just in your own neighborhood. See something new.

In with the new, out with the old! New thoughts. Refreshed feelings. Novel experiences. Clarity. Renewed vibrancy.

Happy early Spring! Erin

If you really want to get a huge Spring back in your step, check out the upcoming day retreat at my farm:

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