The Big Door Moment

doorThe true foundation of authenticity is trusting yourself.

I recently had a weird experience where I was shocked to meet someone in person after reading her writings and appreciating the purpose of her work.  I was surprised because the way she was acting didn’t seem to line up with what was in her heart.

It was a Big Door Moment for her.  A Big Door Moment is when what has been worked for has arrived.

I write about this mismatch between behavior and heart without judgment because I know how much courage is required to walk through doors. I also refrain from judgment because it may have been my perception and not reality.  Nevertheless, it got me thinking about opportunities and how we handle them.

One of my favorite new quotes is “If the door doesn’t open then it wasn’t your door.”  I love it because it signifies total faith in everything conspiring in our favor.  We don’t need to waste time agonizing about it because we know when it is right and we are ready a bigger, better door will open.

The question I am posing now is:  How are we preparing for the Big Door Moment so we can walk through it with authenticity, grace and trust?

All of us will have Big Door Moments.  The promotion, the perfect partner, the big break, the creative idea that takes off, the goal is achieved or the experience we always wanted and worked for diligently has come to fruition.

These moments are a time to celebrate, but for many of us the feelings may be new, fear might creep in, self-doubt or overwhelm may dilute, sabotage and possibly flat out ruin our experience and the positive impact we could have on others.

You deserve to walk through your door with grace and authenticity. You are strong enough to take the step and your spirit is beautiful enough to do it in a way that best represents you.

Be prepared so your heart will shine through.  Letting your most pure intention, your driving force of purpose, your passion, your hard work and your strength shine brighter than your outfit, your words and your actions.  This is authenticity.

Let your spirit guide you.  Let humility show your confidence.  Let gratitude for those who helped you and for your ability to put forth effort be acknowledged.  Share your success in the biggest ways possible so others know it is possible for them too.

Remember the struggle, the courage and the loneliness and show others BIG doors are waiting for them too.

Prepare yourself for the Big Door opening in your everyday relationship with yourself.  Be aware of your responses, reactions, words, feelings and self-worth.

When you are scared…be brave and true to yourself.  There is no need to over react, withdraw or take on behaviors that don’t reflect your heart.  Being arrogant, yelling, bragging, pouting, speaking too loudly or talking over people, cussing profusely, negative self talk or calling people out are warning signs and defense mechanisms.

Say or think, I am scared.  I am practicing courage right now.  I am capable of getting through this.

I know who I am.  I know how to manage big feelings in ways that reflect my spirit.

I am authentic and I trust myself.  I am aware of my ego preying on my fear. 

My true spirit is stronger than my ego.

Your Big Door is waiting to open for you when you are ready.  Start getting ready.

When you have BIG feelings make concerted effort to:

Align your actions with your priorities.

Match your thoughts with your values.

Keep your heart open and practice trusting yourself.

Let the world see your beauty, your courage, your strength, your tenacity, your struggle…all of which make you so beautiful.  Don’t hide the real you, especially when it is time for celebration.

You deserve complete and total celebration!

To Big Doors opening for you and to appreciating the ones that don’t.

Kudos for even walking through the door…many won’t even go that far.

With gratitude, Erin

PS:  If you are thinking, “Really Erin, Big Doors I just want to finish the laundry and get some sleep”, I have been there. Not sure how you really feel?  Have no idea how to build courage?  Check out my book, Be Amazing, for realistic tools to start moving in the direction you want go!

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