Your Apollo Moment



I recently crossed paths with a man who was a Cuban immigrant.  He came to the US when he was a baby. After several years he was moving to Ohio with his mom, dad and three brothers when he had a moment.  They were in the air. The pilot gets on the speaker and tells his passengers to look out the window.  He was sitting next to his Dad, which made everything more special when you have three brothers vying for attention.

When he looked out the window he saw the Apollo in the air right next to him!  He told me in that moment he knew that EVERYTHING WAS POSSIBLE.

A small child with his family fleeing for a better life now knew of all the possibilities.

His story gave me chills, goose bumps and tears…and prompted me to start thinking about possibility moments.

We may never experience such a dramatic, historical moment but we are offered moments of possibilities all of the time. The challenge is to be aware of them, to allow ourselves to feel them in our souls, to be brave enough to let them ignite our spirits and to be powerful enough to move us to action.

Think about all of your moments of possibility.

They might be:

Declaring a dream even if you are scared

Leaving an unhealthy relationship knowing you deserve better even if you don’t know how or where it could happen

Admiring people who rise up from adversity and use it to their advantage

Loving again after a terrible loss

Being vulnerable to give and receive love in the powerful ways

Working hard even when you are discouraged and exhausted

Expecting the best and giving the benefit of the doubt

Making an investment in yourself

Taking action for what you really want

Shining bright so you can help others do the same

I know, they don’t sound quite as extraordinary as seeing the Apollo take off…but going beyond our perceived limits and into the realm of the unknown possibilities is at your fingertips everyday.

Look for, remember and believe in your Apollo moment.

You are destined for greatness.  Clear the way for possibility.

Godspeed, Erin

I know we are intended to live joyously and abundantly…knowing everything is possible is the first step whether it be on the moon or anywhere.  Let’s take off together.

Not sure where to begin?  You want 2019 to be a year of unlimited possibilities?  Join me online or at my lavender farm in Kentucky.  I will share tools, stories and inspiration so we can move beyond fear and into the possibilities of our dreams.  ONLINE register here.   AT THE FARM register here.

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