It’s Never Too Late

We often hear and may even say that ‘time flies’…on my Facebook memory today popped up my Be Amazing book launch party.  No joke I thought it would say five or six years ago but it was actually only three years ago.  To think of the speeches, the people, the places, the stories of these past three years makes me think of a lifetime.  Since then I have written another book and two workbooks, started a lavender farm, a product line and so much more.  This makes me even more excited to think about the next three years. 

Where do you want to be in three years or even this time next year?
We can do so much in such a small amount of time.
On Saturday I was doing a speech in Northern Indiana.  As I walked around the room during small group time, a woman waved me over to talk with her.  She told me with tears in her eyes that she got her GED at 65 years old and then went to college!  Impressive, tenacious.  Showing us it is never too late.  While also considering the notion not to wait.
So, get going on your dreams and remember it is never too late!
With joy and abundance, Erin
I really want to share the things that have worked for me with you.
Here are two opportunities for us to connect and grow together:
At my farm in Kentucky:Register Here
Online: Register Here 
It was a few more years ago that I was a worn out workaholic, stressed out mom and checked out wife...thank goodness I started developing tools because now I get to live dreams I didn't even know I had.

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