It’s Meant for You, Too.


After the first workshop at my farm ended a participant and I were chatting.  She was talking about wanting to start her business, take better care of her body and get brave enough to get over being hurt when she let herself be vulnerable.  Tears welled up in her eyes while talking about how she has become afraid which leads to self sabotaging behavior.

I felt her pain.  I have been there.  You have probably been there, too.

We are in this together.

Everyone is afraid.


Everyone can choose to muster the strength to believe they are worthy of their dreams.

Together we can be strong enough to declare our greatest dreams, open our hearts for companionship and valiantly embrace our greatness.

We get to choose courage.

I told her I understood.  I shared how I was petrified to write my first book, scared to start the farm and even nervous to host the first workshop that day.

She paused with a sad look on her face and said, “Yeah, but it seems it was meant for you.”

When you have a dream, a nudge, a longing or an idea they become meant for you, too.

The people you see shining bright, living a life you could only imagine, they have a plethora of failures, fears and lonely moments of self doubt.  The only difference is they took action.

One action after another.  Nose to the grind stone.

The Courage Equation:

Fear + Action = Confidence

Life’s greatest outcomes are meant for YOU.

Get to it.

We can fail together, we can be scared together, we can doubt ourselves together and we can rise above together.  We are meant for joy and abundance.

Get out of your own way.

Take a step toward what you really want.

Digging Deep, Erin

Mark Your Calendars: JANUARY 5, 2019!

Fearless in 2019 at Big Roots Farm, Hawesville, KY.

Registration will open soon.



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