What kind of world are you creating?

lovefearlesslyTen years ago, in a diversity class in my master’s program, a professor shared this quote by Paulo Freire, “Create a world in which it is easier to love.”

I typed it up and put it in my home office.  I looked at it for years.  It helped me through boring conference calls, challenging assignments and writing my first book.

Fast forward several years and my oldest son’s girlfriend had a friend over.  This friend ended up being that professor’s daughter.  I showed her the quote in my office that was inspired by her dad’s class.

This past Saturday, we were hosting the first wedding at our farm. My daughter in law and the professor’s daughter were in the wedding party.

So ten years later, on my farm under the stars, the professor and I chatted.  I told him of the impression he made on me with the quote.

I shared how this quote has helped me keep my ego in check, my heart full of compassion and to continually clarify my purpose, all of our purposes, to CREATE A WORLD IN WHICH IT IS EASIER TO LOVE.

You may never know the impact your words and actions have on others.  Sometimes we might get lucky and have full circle moments. Most of the time we probably won’t have the chance to circle back or to share so when you get the chance to thank someone, encourage someone, share a story, pat a back or love a bit more do it.

Remember to keep asking yourself: What kind of world are you creating?

Going for it, Erin

If you want to get clear on your goals and what you really want for 2019 and beyond join me on the farm for a workshop full of tools, inspiration, connections and LOVE.  Register here. 

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