This summer we opened our lavender farm to visitors. I have had the chance to meet so many incredible people. I have heard their fascinating, inspiring and sad stories. I have been given the gift of making connections with others and with nature that use to only be a dream.

One quiet morning a group of herb lovers came to visit.  One of the ladies in the group started talking with me.  She mentioned how her husband won’t remember the butterflies because he has Alzheimer’s.  Then she told me that she didn’t want to dump her problems on me but that she had stage four lung cancer.  I asked her about her prognosis and we talked about some of the new treatments.

She said that she is glad to be out of bed and that her doctor told her, “Go Enjoy Your Days.”

Nothing else could be done. No more treatments.

The prescription: ENJOY YOUR DAYS.

So here she was showing me photos of her recent pressed flower project, reminiscing of all of the projects she used to do and sporting her beautiful linen shirt with lavender embroidery and even wearing a pin hold a piece of lavender.

She was enjoying her day.

She was enjoying her day with her husband even though she knew he wouldn’t remember.

She put her make up on, pressed her linen shirt, fastened her pin and came to a lavender farm.

I was humbled and inspired to meet her on my farm, doing what she loved and with whom she loved with a hopeful resolve and quiet sadness that it all may be over soon.

The fact is we are all dying. Everyone dies.

The real question is: Are we enjoying our days?

We don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to focus enjoying our days.

Here are some ways I enjoy my days:

Savor the first sip of coffee in the morning.

Listen to the birds.

Watch the clouds float by.

Play with my dogs.


Take pictures.


Sit in the sauna.

Brainstorm ideas.

Give gifts.

Hold my husband’s hand in the car.

Talk with my kids.

Snuggle my grandbabies.

Write things down in my Goodness Jar.

Walk the labyrinth.

Sit on my porch and watch the sun go down.

Cross things off my to do list with a highlighter.

Check up on friends.

Walk through my house with gratitude.

Cut flowers.

And on and on…

By thinking about what we enjoy and expressing gratitude for these things we will have more enjoyment.

Make a list and keep adding to it.

Enjoy your days, friend.

Hugs, Erin

If you want more enjoyment in your life or you have forgotten what you even enjoy come join me on the farm for this special workshop on JOY & POSSIBILITIES.

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