Melting Away


This past week we have been consumed by ice and snow.

Then Poof!


Today the white was gone. In one day, a week plus of white is now water flowing fast down the hills creating mini waterfalls and fast moving streams.

I couldn’t help think about how fast things change.  Nature. Our thoughts. Our relationships. Our lives.

Usually people think about life changing fast when a tragedy occurs but we can also think of fast change for what we want and what we hope for.

We can melt away our fear, our self doubt, our regret and our guilt.  It all can flow down the stream if we let it melt. As time passes and seasons change, we can melt.  We can become more tender and loving. We can soften, disarm, be touched and moved.

Don’t wait for the wake up call to start moving in the direction of what you really want.

Tell people how much you love them.

Do the things you dream of.

Treat yourself.

Practice softening towards yourself. Be kind to you.

Disarm the things that no longer serve you.

Do something that makes you nervous and that is hard.

Don’t postpone JOY.

We don’t have to be a ping pong of reactions to what happens.  We can practice being present, savoring what is, feeling what we don’t like, taking time to heal our pain and allowing ourselves to fully embrace our joy.  We can melt away what is holding us back.

Let things come and go. Get in flow.

Disarming and Expecting the Best, Erin

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