Natural Habitat: Go Where You Belong


We got the first big snow since we moved to our farm in Kentucky a year ago.

My neighbor’s dog looked different today.

My neighbor’s dog is half husky and half wolf.  He is usually panting, kind of smells bad, is too bold and doesn’t quite seem comfortable in his own skin.  I often wondered  if it is because we are trying not to encourage him to be at our house since we already have dogs and he has a family or if it is because he just doesn’t know where he belongs.

Then on my morning walk today everything became clear to me.

He was in his element in the snow.  I had never seen him so natural, so comfortable and so happy.

He smiled bigger than ever before.


He ran with a spring in his step.


He relaxed in the snow laying down, looking around, smelling…savoring the experience.

He talked to me, he rubbed up against me, he looked at me…we were celebrating together.  He didn’t smell bad and his fur was softer than ever before.

He was being who he is meant to be, a snow dog.  It was inspiring to see him in his element.

This led me to think about us.  Are we spending time in our natural habitat or are we always trying to adapt?  Adapting takes a lot of energy.

What is your natural habitat?

Where are you meant to be?  What is your preferred environment?

Who do you feel good being around?  Where do you feel most accepted?

What kind of clothes make you feel great?

What smells do you enjoy?

What type of room arrangement, lighting and furniture contribute to your comfort?

What type of activities put you in your element?

There will always be times we need to adapt and make adjustments.  These times are less cumbersome and less draining if we provide time and space for ourselves in our natural habitats.   We can deal with difficult people better, we can handle challenges with greater ease and we can be more self aware, responsive and less reactive.

When we are in our element we aren’t looking for approval or acceptance.  We aren’t struggling to be good at what we are doing or working harder than necessary.  We become like my neighbor’s dog this morning.

When we are in our element we are a magnet for joy, inspiration and goodness.  Our natural habitat creates authenticity and abundance.

Define yours. Pay attention.  Take action.  Be who you are meant to be and go where you shine the brightest.  Go where you belong.

To snow dogs and springs in our steps, Erin

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