High Regard in 2018


Be a Giver and Be a Receiver!

So every December and January I give lots of thought about how I want my year to be.

I choose a word, update my vision board, write a picture perfect statement and reflect on the previous year.

In December, I had surgery (everything is fine just hernia) and my husband had surgery (pretty serious on his neck). We are recovering well. We also had company and did our traditional entertaining (scaled back). So I am now just coming out of the fog to really get clarity and energy around 2018.

One thing that keeps coming to my mind is making sure I show up for people. I want to be supportive, acknowledge hardships, grieve together, celebrate together…I want to to be considerate and show high levels of regard for others’ experiences.

I am also going to hold myself and my experiences in high regard. I am investing my time and energy in me and in people who show up for me this year. True and healthy relationships are reciprocal without tit for tat.

Watch how you are spending your time and with whom.

Are you giving and considerate? Are others the same towards you?

Are you caught up in all your own stuff you often overlook or dismiss other people’s stuff?

Write a note, send a text, prepare a special gift, ask questions, offer support, be encouraging, listen and surround yourself with people who will do the same for you.

Be a Giver and Be a Receiver! Just don’t be a taker.

Cheers to high regard in 2018!


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