Refreshed Path

pathrefershedA road I travel everyday for miles is getting repaved.  As I waited for the trucks and partial lane closings I thought about how fast they were getting this project done.

After going through a bit of delay and roadside chaos, I reached the portion where the road was smooth and lovely.  Even though it was the same path, it felt so different.  It was clean and crisp, the beautiful scenery contrasted a bit more with the freshly laid black tar which made everything more green and vibrant.

I love my country road it is a new path for me this year. I didn’t know I could love it even more, but I do. It is refreshed and vibrant.  The yellow line is a brighter guide, the feeling is smooth and the surroundings are gorgeous.

This road is a lot like life.

We can love it more and more.
Do things you enjoy.
Savor the beauty and the good.

With a bit of refreshing we can make big changes.
Think about creating a more peaceful morning ritual.
Go to bed a bit earlier.
Drink more water.

Rough patches always end.
Think back to what you have made it through and how strong you are.
No mud, no lotus.

Delays can be opportunities.
Everything is all in good time.
Take time to think about your path.

We don’t have to change everything to have new perspective.
Rearrange a room.
Clean out your closet.
Drive a different route.

Small things make a big difference.
Do something nice for someone.
Get yourself some flowers.
Take a day off.

Be aware of your guides.
Interact with positive people who have your best interest.
Keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your priorities
Get clear about your priorities.

Refreshing can happen fast…don’t make it bigger than it is. Don’t overthink it; take action.

What needs to be refreshed in your life?

We are intended to be on a vibrant, smooth and beautiful path.
We are intended to live joyously and abundantly.

Here is to rejuvenation and choices.

With joy and abundance, Erin

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