Don’t Trade One Problem for Another


It seems obvious but it is actually an insidious pattern that we need to be aware of if we want to live a life of great contribution.

Trading one problem for another often looks like this:

Quitting smoking then eating more. 

Leaving a bad marriage then starting a new bad relationship.

Resigning from a job just to start a new job that brings more problems.  

Withdrawing from a friendship because you are annoyed just to spend time with other friends you also find annoying.

There are times we need to to leave, withdraw, resign and quit.  For sure we do and probably should more often.  BUT what we need to be careful of is running away from something instead of TO something.



Get a clear vision of what you want.

Learn what your greatest contributions can be.

Prepare for challenges.


Running to something often looks like this:

Quit smoking. Start exercising.  Clear mind and healthy body.

Choosing to leave a bad marriage to find your power and strength.  Once you find it, prince charming comes along or you choose not to be in a relationship.

Reframe friendships or limit time with friends that aren’t aligned with what you want.  Friendships improve and space is made in your life for the right people.

Focus on what you want your job to be with the intention of service. Dream job offer comes.


Stop shifting your life situations from mediocrity to mediocrity.  Rather, go big.  Dream. Take action.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR and chart your course.

Work towards something.  Move toward your biggest dreams.  No more running away.

You have what you need inside of you; get out of your own way.  Make a path for abundant and joyful living.

Not sure where to begin?  Use the Living Inspired Tools in my book and workbook. You will certainly start charting a bold new course for your life.

Want to go really big and create a platform in your life to connect with others about your dreams, fears, action steps and challenges?  Start a POW WOW.

Let’s get ready to go big in 2017!

Love, Erin

Inspirational Speaker and Author

Would you like Erin to speak for your group/team?  She is booking for 2017 now.  Email her at

Social media: erinramseyjoy




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