Follow the Nudge

15109459_1870846103149673_6224918924406637721_nMy friend and I were talking this past week while traveling for work about what she wants, about me starting the lavender farm and all of the exciting things that can be at our finger tips if we learn to pay attention to signs and to our internal inklings.

I am in process of writing a book titled Follow the Nudge. I have been thinking about it a lot. When we walked a labyrinth together several new exciting ideas came to me. I was sharing my experience with my friend.
The next morning, she was on her way to work and a car with a license plate that said NUDGE was right in front of her!
She is pursuing a promotion, starting a POW WOW and thinking about what she wants…
Pay attention. Be open. Listen to what your intuition is telling you. When you feel the nudge take action.
Following my nudges,  Erin
Inspirational Speaker and Author
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