Hope and Second Chances

sennmicrophoneI had the honor of doing a workshop for 250 Head Start professionals.  We spent the morning together.  When they were welcomed to the event by their Director she invited people to share their stories at the lunch break about Head start, their work and or any story they wanted to share.  I thought this was such a lovely gesture and a great platform to give others the opportunity to share and to be heard.

I heard several people talk and was completely moved.

One teacher talked about how he suffers from depression and how grateful he was to be returning to work with people he cares about and to do a job he loves.

A single mom talked about how she was a Head Start parent, then invited to work as a bus assistant and now has moved up to teacher assistant.  She talked about how Head Start had given her hope and opportunities she would not have had otherwise.

Another person stood up and thanked her now colleague and friend for coming to the country to pick her up and enroll her children when she didn’t have money for gas or food.  She is now a teacher but her journey started as a parent policy advisor.  She said how Head Start has been by her side when she was homeless and now she was preparing to buy her first house.

Another gentleman stood up sharing that he was a two -time felon, recovering meth addict and alcoholic and the people at Head Start gave him and his son a second chance.  He choked up and thanked a few specific people. He is doing the right thing now and Head Start helped him stay on the right path.

This is what America is about.  These people could be anyone of us.  We need to help each other, believe in each other, raise each other up for ourselves and most importantly for our children.  When we thrive our children thrive.

Way to go Head Start.  These outcomes are immeasurable and invaluable to the future of our country.

Everybody has a story.  Listen up.

With hope, Erin

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