Bold Generosity

Generosity comes in many forms.  It can come from a monetary gift, a material gift, your presence, a kind word, or an offering of encouragement.  All of which are lovely to give and to receive.

Lately I have been thinking about BOLD Generosity.  The most powerful generosity; the kind we need to dig deep to give; the kind of generosity that changes you and empowers others.

I was part of a day where a group of POW WOWs (power of women working on wonderful) came together.

One of the members of this POW WOW, Barb, has spent a significant amount of time and effort in studying to become certified to minister in her church. She was invited to preach for her pastor.  For her, this was a tremendously humbling opportunity and invited us (the 5 other POW WOWs) to come to the service.  For me it was an illustration of Bold Generosity.

Beautiful moments of Bold Generosity from my perspective:

  1. Not only did Barb deliver a beautiful sermon about love, she also provided an opportunity for us to make time on a Sunday away from our families and weekly tasks to come together to support another woman in her courageous act. She committed and we committed.

Bold generosity brings people together in new ways.

  1. Each POW WOW had a Living Inspired Flower pin but we never discussed wearing them. Every single one of us showed up with the pin on.  A visual, heart felt unifying factor; we were living the power of women working on wonderful.

Bold generosity is a catalyst for powerful, meaningful connection.


  1. We sat in a pew and filled it up. I felt like Barb had an army with her.  I cried because the camaraderie I felt moved my spirit. Many people in the congregation were curious about a pew full of newcomers; we were proud to say why we were there.  To support Barb.  At the end of the sermon, Barb asked everyone to write something they give on a post it and share it with another member in the congregation.  I wrote down the POW WOW movement.  The woman I gave my post it to looked at me with tears in her eyes after she read it and told me it was an honor.

Bold Generosity is influential and inspiring.

  1. All of our religious beliefs are not same; but our spiritual commitment to our womanhood is.

Bold Generosity promotes connections.

  1. I watched Barb sit in quiet solitude on the altar as people arrived. I knew it took effort for her to do this.  I admired her courage.  I was inspired by her commitment to her faith and her own personal growth.

Bold Generosity is commitment.


  1. One of the prayers in the program called The Corporate Prayer, included, “O God, release us from our fears and failures to trust your love and live with bold generosity.”

Bold generosity is practicing courage and trust to empower you to use your most powerful gifts. Bold generosity empowers others to find their greatest contributions while you are doing the same.

  1. There were many more beautiful moments that day as we continued on to have brunch together and to toast Barb. We walked a labyrinth, we took in fresh air and set time aside to celebrate each other and ourselves.

Bold generosity is when you are putting forth effort, pushing yourself to live bigger.

The POW WOWs: Vanessa, Deena, Erin, Barb, Leah and Connie.            New Harmony, IN


Think about the last time you showed up for someone and deeply celebrated in your heart their effort and boldness.

Think about the last time you did something that was really hard; a time when you committed and you stayed true to your spirit.

Bold generosity is busting through the fear barrier to live in your authenticity.

Bold generosity is love.

If we didn’t show up and commit to being POW WOWs these beautiful moments wouldn’t be a part of our lives.  If Barb didn’t preach on this Sunday we wouldn’t have had this beautiful day.  Open your heart, open your mind, put forth effort, commit and your life and your level of joy will expand.

Not Playing Small and Working on Wonderful, Erin

P.S. If you are interested in more authentic friendships that will encourage you and support you in living a boldly generous life visit and read about the POW WOWs.  It is super simple to start one; just pick a few open minded women and begin meeting monthly.  The Be Amazing Workbook outlines everything you can do to get started for a year.






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