What Kind of Pot Are You Planted In?

For the first time in my entire life we are growing an avocado tree. My daughter got an avocado seed to sprout.


Pretty exciting stuff considering most of my childhood there was a seed with toothpicks coming out of it soaking in water on the windowsill but to no avail, ever. I am not sure if it is actually hard to grow an avocado tree or not. What I do know is that we have one so beautiful that we named her ‘Beaut’, short for Beauty, even before she started to grow. We knew she was beautiful. We trusted that she was.

As my daughter and I planted the tiny sprout in a huge pot we were thrilled. We never even thought of the size of the pot being too big but after she was in it she looked miniature. My husband asked jokingly, “Do you think you could have gotten a bigger pot?” I smiled and said, “I know she looks funny but I want to make sure she has plenty of room to grow. We are setting her up for success!”


Sure enough, in just four months Beaut is filling out and growing fast. We know it could take up to five years for her to produce an avocado. No problem. She has plenty of room to secure her roots and blossom to her fullest.


What about you? Do you have room for roots with room to grow?

What does your pot look like?

Is it cramping your style?

It makes me think of when I buy petunias and mums. When I take them out of their store containers to plant I always feel sad that their roots are all wrapped around and tangled and stifled. Then I get excited that I am giving them new and more opportunity to bloom to their fullest. They need room and so do we.

Think about where you are planted. Do the people in your life believe in you and create space for your growth? Or are you all tangled up?

I know one day I will need to replant Beaut. She’ll be ready for bigger and better things. This will be just fine by me. For now, I know she has room to grow in her pot. I tell her how beautiful she is and how strong she is.

Make sure your pot is a good fit. It is the only way to grow.

With a blossoming heart and full life, Erin

To connect with Erin and to learn about her services and products visit: http://www.erinramsey.com

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